Conversation for a Saturday

Friend: I’m procrastinating. Me: I’m putting off procrastinating. Friend: I’m thinking about the possibility of putting off procrastination. [Read more...]

Look! It’s Brandon Vogt with Woody Allen *and* Burl Ives!

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Can’t. Resist. Joke!

He’s not a tame liar. As to this iteration of the Latest Real Jesus, Jimmy Akin does the autopsy on this particular work of projection and information filtering and how it presents us with a Jesus made in the image and likeness of Reza Aslan. Remember: all Latest Real Jesuses tell you only about the [Read More...]

What Ho, Gods of the Abyss

An astonishing and hilarious mashup of P.G. Wodehouse and H.P. Lovecraft. [Read more...]

So *that’s* what I’m doing!

Well, in that case, you’re welcome! [Read more...]


Smarty pants scientists have never explained how, if the so-called “round earth” theory is true, people don’t fall off the other side! HA! IN YOUR FACE POINDEXTERS!  SIMPLE FAITH TRUMPS THE WISDOM OF MEN!!!! [Read more...]

Teenage Catholic Groovy

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Jason Bach is On the Air!

A fun new cartoonist has his site up and running. Some samples: [Read more...]


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Hi! I’m 12. This is funny!

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Using Metadata to Find Paul Revere

Pretty funny: London, 1772. I have been asked by my superiors to give a brief demonstration of the surprising effectiveness of even the simplest techniques of the new-fangled Social Networke Analysis in the pursuit of those who would seek to undermine the liberty enjoyed by His Majesty’s subjects. This is in connection with the discussion [Read More...]

My Blog Has a Painting of Daleks and Dinosaurs

Your argument is invalid. Plus, you’re ugly. [Read more...]