An Engineer’s Guide to Cats 2.0

This killed me. [Read more...]

The utterly, utterly shameless Jeff Miller writes…

Growing up there was an optometrist near a store we use to go to. Gilligan was his name. My father called his office Gilligan Eye Land. There are no words…. no words. [Read more...]

Catholic Answers Pulls in the A List Talent

HereĀ are Matthew Broderick and Dan Castellaneta flanking Betty White at a recent fundraising banquet for CA: [Read more...]

Super Duper Inside Baseball Liturgical Humor

Priest on FB writes: Broncos v. Chargers: pony wars! How will the bronys cope? Weisenheimer friend of priest replies: Okay, the phrase “brony’s cope” just made me think of what might well be the event horizon of horrible vestments. *** Warning: Only funny in a tiny ecological niche of Catholics. [Read more...]

Checkmate Atheists!

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For another year end wrapup…

Mike Flynn has the hilarious goods. [Read more...]

I missed quite a number of these stories

The world is even more nuts than I thought: [Read more...]

Dave Barry Looks Back at 2013

Year of the Zombies [Read more...]

Witty posters

More here. [Read more...]

For the Instrument-Rated Santa in Your Life

Here is some truly inside baseball humor. [Read more...]