This Killed Me

Yelp Restaurant Review read by a professional actor: I’m thinking maybe I should try this with some of the Magical Unicorn Head Reviews at Amazon. [Read more...]

The Overly Attached Girlfriend…

…is here to remind all you single guys that there’s a lot to be said for a celibate priesthood: [Read more...]

Look at the Bright Side…

On March 1, the sedevacantists get to be right for a few days. (Yes, we Irish crack jokes when we are sad.) [Read more...]

I only start worrying…

…if the new pope takes the name “Joan II”. Okay, if Mahony is elected and takes the name Judas I, I also worry. Update: Will the new Pope take the name “Jude”? Vatican insiders denied the possibility, saying, “Nah Nah Nah Nahnananaaah.” Others speculate that, in a bid for a commanding share of the soft [Read More...]

Come Again?

Brennan Objects To Use Of Waterboarding In CIA Confirmation Hearing I didn’t know they used waterboarding in CIA confirmation hearings.  DC is a rougher town than I thought. [Read more...]

I Can’t Get Enough of These Things

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I can see you’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Here: watch this

[Read more...]

“Belgium Doesn’t Exist!”

or “Land of Sprouts and Chocolate, I Think Not.” I’m relieved *some*body has finally ripped the lid off the seamy underbelly of the stinking weed of conspiracy in the dungeon-like garden of mixed metaphors! I just hope I live till dawn now that the i’ve alerted the Agents to my location by posting this on [Read More...]


The Beloved Cow writes, “I have been chuckling for days because a friend of a friend spent his childhood thinking Admiral Ackbar’s signature line was ‘What the crap?!’” [Read more...]

This fills me with joy in the human race

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