From our “Don’t Patronize Me” File

A reader writes: Greatest Exchange of All Time, from the Don’t Argue with My Mother File: Person: Well, I guess the idea of the Resurrection must be comforting. My Mother: Why would it be comforting if it weren’t true? [Read more...]

The Duffleblog…

…is sort of a military-flavored version of The Onion. Worth checking out. [Read more...]

Habemus Peepem!

I’M NOT SORRY!  I’M NOT SORRY! [Read more...]

Total and Utter Mike Flynn Bait

Behold! Devoted to correllating stuff with other stuff! In general, 56 percent of people like thin-crust pizza more than deep-dish pizza. But among those with a negative first impression of Pope Francis, 73 percent like thin-crust pizza more. So there you are! That is a statistical fact right there, that is! [Read more...]

“Seriously, it’s Jorge Bergoglio, I’m calling you from Rome”

Neighborhood newspaper vendor gets an unexpected phone call from a customer asking him to cancel delivery on the paper since the customer had to move unexpectedly. I love this guy! [Read more...]

76 Cliches You Should Avoid…

…wait for it….         …wait for it…         …LIKE THE PLAGUE! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey!  WaPo!  Here’s three more: Vatican Cracks Down on Devout Catholic Bus Plunges [Read more...]

Simcha Fisher is Magnificent

So, over at National Review, rich jailbird neocon ["salvation-through-consumerist-hedonism heretic" inserted here since the exquisite sensitivities of some readers require it] Conrad Black is busy telling the Pope to get on board with the rich neocon heretic view that babies are a nuisance and the Church should get over that whole thing with the Pill so [Read More...]

Who Better to Celebrate the Vernal Equinox Than Tom Lehrer?

[Read more...]

Heavy Electricity! It’s a Thing! Let’s Panic!

I wonder how many people will buy this. [Read more...]

Caught in a Viscous Cycle

…and other choice malapropisms are the subject of this delightful piece from the delightful Front Porch Republic.  Here’s a taste: Richard Lederer’s “History of the World According to Student Bloopers,” that legendary account from Anguished English in which we learn: that “the mother of Achilles dipped him in the River Stynx until he became intolerable”; [Read More...]

So… if your dog is born on February 29

How old is he in dog years? [Read more...]

Hi. I’m 12. This is funny.

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