Andy Dwyer in Jurassic Parks and Recreation

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One Man’s Struggle to Complete His Quest…

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Seattle Seahawks Secure Solid Second Place in Superbowl!!!!!

New England Patriots Crawl Across Finish Line Next to Last. I think we can all understand how the Patriots must feel going home, licking their wounds from the drubbing Seattle gave them. ¬†They should have known it would be humiliating, when the Porcupine of Prophesy warned them in vain to forfeit: But with that stubborn [Read More…]

As a matter of fact, I’m *not* sorry!

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Pearls Before Swine is a Gift to All Mankind

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When I Read About the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Guy…

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Pope Emeritus Benedict on Papal Interviews

The Concept of Preventive Clarifications is Not in the Catechism. I love Eye of the Tiber so much! [Read more…]

Most super-awesomest Bible stories evar!!!!

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Pearls Before Swine Kills Me

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This is Totally Dord

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