US to Create Standardized Voting System for 2016 Elections

Pull left lever for the Democrat nominee, right lever for the Republican nominee: Me: I’m voting third potty. [Read more...]

Philosophy Humor

Q: What do you call an angry epistemologist? A:  HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW? Ah me.  I slay me. [Read more...]

My Inner Nerdly 12 Year Old Delights in This

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Humor: A Difficult Concept

And then, of course, there’s the Radical Feminist punchline: THAT’S NOT FUNNY!  I AM OUTRAGED!!! OUUUUUUTRAAAAAAAAGED!!!!!! [Read more...]

Who Knew that St. Thomas Brought Such Great Tunes?

I have a feeling Mike Flynn will be interested in this: [Read more...]

This is huge!

Fellow Patheosi Max Lindenmann writes: Dang, just caught a punctuation mistake in Evangelii Gaudium! CHECKMATE, PAPAL INFALLIBILISTS! [Read more...]


This highly amused my inner 12 year old. I am no cook. But I can follow the directions. Which said to let the bird chill in the sink for a few hours. [Read more...]

Hi. I’m 12.

Twenty movie stills replacing guns with thumbs up is funny. Tee, as they say, hee. [Read more...]

Devastating News for Doctor Who Fans

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I love Mark Brumley

He writes, tongue in cheek: Puzzling over something I just read, I immediately concluded that the author is at fault for not making his thought instantly understandable to me. After all, the problem has to be on his end, doesn’t it? Yes. And he did it in malice–because of his Hidden Agenda which anybody *can* [Read More...]