Let the Penance Begin!

But wait! There’s more tomorrow! [Read more...]

If you are a monoglot like me…

…you may be on the lookout for foreign languages that are pretty much English with a funny accent, so you can boast about your multi-lingual mad skilz to people at parties or in press interviews without having to go to the trouble of studying, thinking or learning anything new (I hate having to do that!)  [Read More...]

How Can I Add to This Guilt-Inducing Meme?

The hobbit you just called fat? He’s skipping 2nd breakfast. The dwarf woman you called ugly? She spends hours braiding her beard so you can differentiate her from a dwarf man. The Uruk-Hai you just killed? He’s been abused by Saruman. See that Gollum creature with the gangly limbs and large eyes? For 500 years [Read More...]

I love Jonathan Coulton

If you are not a Star Trek fan, you might want to bone up on what a redshirt is. Bottom line: Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a redshirt are beaming down to the planet. Guess who won’t be returning? [Read more...]

The Troll…

…celebrates heretic-punching, with his customary hilarious results. [Read more...]


Go here. Drag your cursor from right to left across the picture. There. Don’t you feel enriched and renewed? [Read more...]

My Son and Heir

Peter is in Running Start, getting college credit at high school prices. He’s taking a history class and they were studying the struggle between Thomas a Becket and Henry, resulting in Becket’s murder. Pete went into class early and drew a little picture of the saint on the board, with a sword sticking out of [Read More...]

At last! Some hard-hitting analysis of the things that really matter

On the Implausibility of the Death Star’s Trash Compactor Finally, somebody speaks truth to power. [Read more...]

I don’t mean to boast

…but let me boast. We went to the Bellevue Botanical Garden Light Display last night and, as we were leaving, somebody pointed to a tall skinny pile of rocks about four feet high, apparently balanced on one another but really, of course, held in place by being speared on an iron rod.  “What do you [Read More...]

Simcha Fisher kills me

Over on Facebook, Simcha writes: Don’t laugh, this is a serious question.  Our lightbulbs are suddenly blowing at a very high rate- like one a day or every other day.  Is this just a coincidence, or are we getting, like, too much electricity?  Or something? So I very helpfully respond: This is caused by one [Read More...]