Tips for Navigating the Satirical Web

When you read a headline like this: Michelle Obama To Play Wife Of Lando Calrissian In Star Wars: Episode VII …pause. Before going off on a rant about the incestuous relationship between Hollywood and our political class (real enough as Mrs. Obama’s silly Oscar appearance–and, by the the way, the political career of Ronald Reagan–demonstrated), [Read More...]

Ominous Conclave Photo

I find your lack of faith disturbing. [Read more...]

If You are Very Good, I Will Not Run it This Christmas

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Keep These People in Mind…

The next time the NY Times does a poll on the disconnect between the Church and “the people” or the WaPo informs you on What Youth Want the Church to Do. Cringeworthy. [Read more...]

The Ever-Droll Tom Kreitzberg Clarifies Things

Paving Material The Road To Hell The Streets of Hell Good Intentions Yes No The Skulls of Bishops No Yes Just wanted to clear that up. Tom’s invaluable blog is found here. [Read more...]

Why the Party of Romney Lost and Will Keep Losing Till it Gets a Clue

From Cracked: Here is an infographic that ran in the Wall Street Journal talking about how the new tax code would be “highly painful” for Americans. The graphic covers every possible scenario the Wall Street Journal can conceive of, from the single mom only making $260,000 a year to the retired couple trying to get [Read More...]

More Grist for Spirit Daily

Papal resignation.  Asteroid flyby.  Russian Meteor.  Plague of Locusts. And in Seattle this past weekend: Comicon!  The Three Days of Dorkness!   [Read more...]

Better Than a Hair Shirt For Lent

is the Humiliating Old Photo: I think this was taken at the “Catholic Trekker Conference” in 2001. As I recall, my  first talk was titled “They’re Just Jealous: Why Cool Kids, Football Players and Cheerleaders Will Never Match the +5 I Rolled in Charisma”.  It was followed by my second discourse, titled “Catholic Social Teaching [Read More...]

Who Knew Lutherans Were So Funny?

The last line is the best. [Read more...]


That answered that. [Read more...]

In the Pages of the New Yorker, This is Like Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

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The Law Was Made for Man…

…not man for the law, illustrated: and, wait for it, you’ll get it: [Read more...]