I Do My Best to Do My Worst

For Better or for Worse. [Read more...]

Who’s With Me?

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This hurts you more than it hurts me

And it hurts me like murder. [Read more...]

*You* can translate Latin with my patented method!

A reader wonders how to translate the following: Ad filium meum Isaac celebratione Nativitatis Domini MMXII, cum affectionis ex patrem vestrum. I translate this as “Add feline meows to Isaac’s celebration of natives’ domino mix. Come affectionate ex-patrons in vestments.” My reader replies: Multo atrocius quam Latina lingua mea tibi tua fabula barba. Vos eatis [Read More...]

The Happiest Part for Me? You Still Haven’t Even Reached the Halfway Point

In the words of Stephen Bishop, it just goes on and on. [Read more...]

Offer it Up!

Diahann Carroll: Perhaps the most penitential Christmas Carroll in history. [Read more...]

Just think! You Aren’t Even 1/3 Done Yet!

Exquisite, is it not? [Read more...]

I’m here to help you learn courage and endurance

In time, you will thank me. [Read more...]

That Which Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger!

Hey! You’re not even to the halfway point. Lots more torment comin’ your way! [Read more...]

Advent Penance Continues to Take on New Dimensions of Suffering

Savor the Wookiee dialog! [Read more...]

Before you ask…

No, there is not some subtle point or political agenda behind this.  It just appeals to my inner 12 year old’s sense of humor and enjoyment of painfully stupid puns. [Read more...]


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