It just never ends, does it?

And yet it will, tomorrow!. [Read more...]

The World Keeps Turning

And the Star Wars Holiday Special keeps on being the hideous thing it is. [Read more...]

They’re telling apocalypse jokes today…

like there’s no tomorrow! I feel fine. [Read more...]

This will make you hope the Mayans were right about today

If the world ends today, you won’t have to watch the rest of this. [Read more...]

Precious Moments

Two unforgettable quotes from yesterday’s contretemps: “Please name one thing that Voris was not in line with the magnesium of the church on.” *** “I am a huge fan of Michael Voris, S.T.B. and Fr. John Zuhlsdorf! They are living saints, and I’m sure one day they will be named doctors of the Church.” In [Read More...]

Look at this way. There is no Star Wars Easter Special

So much heartache is avoided with the central feast of our faith being overlooked by the world. [Read more...]

I Do My Best to Do My Worst

For Better or for Worse. [Read more...]

This hurts you more than it hurts me

And it hurts me like murder. [Read more...]

*You* can translate Latin with my patented method!

A reader wonders how to translate the following: Ad filium meum Isaac celebratione Nativitatis Domini MMXII, cum affectionis ex patrem vestrum. I translate this as “Add feline meows to Isaac’s celebration of natives’ domino mix. Come affectionate ex-patrons in vestments.” My reader replies: Multo atrocius quam Latina lingua mea tibi tua fabula barba. Vos eatis [Read More...]

The Happiest Part for Me? You Still Haven’t Even Reached the Halfway Point

In the words of Stephen Bishop, it just goes on and on. [Read more...]