Of course the real question….

…is how many spiders would you have to swallow to be visible from space? [Read more...]

I think he would find this amusing

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The Sorrow and the Pity

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Change You Can Believe In

What else could a voter need to know? Vote for Pedro! [Read more...]


A heartfelt tune from the geniuses behind Phineas and Ferb: [Read more...]

How I Love the Eye of the Tiber blog

“Catholic Democrat Makes Holy Hour Before The Real Presence Of Obama” Tee hee. [Read more...]

Say Know…

to gnosticism! Thanks folks!  I’m here all week!  Try the veal! Reader Marty Helgesen, who sent this along, writes: Back in the nineties I was using “Just say know to Gnosticism” and  “Just say Know to Gnosticism” as a signature tag.  I’m pretty sure it was original with me.  I am almost certain that “All syllogisms [Read More...]


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Queen Revokes American Independence

Before you reject the idea out of hand, hear her out. And if you don’t like the business about adding “u” to words, David Mitchell is fine with that and could care less: [Read more...]

Some Bigoted Vegans May Oppose This

A reader sends this along: VEGANS FOR FOOD EQUALITY Inspired by the success of Catholics for Marriage Equality, a new group has formed: Vegans for Food Equality. Here is what they say: After generations of silence, we Vegans are finally speaking out. We ourselves are devout believers in the virtue of fresh fruits and vegetables, [Read More...]