I don’t mean to boast

…but let me boast. We went to the Bellevue Botanical Garden Light Display last night and, as we were leaving, somebody pointed to a tall skinny pile of rocks about four feet high, apparently balanced on one another but really, of course, held in place by being speared on an iron rod.  “What do you [Read More...]

Simcha Fisher kills me

Over on Facebook, Simcha writes: Don’t laugh, this is a serious question.  Our lightbulbs are suddenly blowing at a very high rate- like one a day or every other day.  Is this just a coincidence, or are we getting, like, too much electricity?  Or something? So I very helpfully respond: This is caused by one [Read More...]


These are the moments when my heart swells with pride over being an American: BEIJING     (AP) — The online version of China’s Communist Party newspaper has hailed a report by The Onion naming North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as the “Sexiest Man Alive” – not realizing it is satire. The People’s Daily on Tuesday [Read More...]

The Curious and Funny Nick Bottom…

…on the matter of dogfighting in the magical far-off land of The Walden Commonwealth of Shangri-Camelot. [Read more...]

I feel affirmed in my okayness

This clip, featuring the most ridiculous maniacal laugh in the entire history of cinema, makes me feel extra super smart for never having spent a nickel or wasted a moment on Twilight in either written or cinematic form: I may show that clip on an endless loop to minions in my Pits of Despair. [Read more...]


A reader writes: Your report of possible life on Mars is food for thoat. Gentle reader: Your puns raise the bar. Soom I will lower it. [Read more...]

Let Troll

…be Troll! I hereby do plead for the return of the Troll to the blogosphere. The eerie silence since November 12 cries out to be filled with the inimitable prose stylings of the Troll! Return to us, Troll! We love you! [Read more...]

Today’s moment of spambot zen

In addition to the thousands of spambots who turn up to shower praise on my brilliant layout, ask why their comment got eaten, tell me what a brilliant writer I am and write curious things in curious English, I sometimes get stuff like this: Our life is really strange issue and sometime people should choose [Read More...]

Of course the real question….

…is how many spiders would you have to swallow to be visible from space? [Read more...]

I think he would find this amusing

[Read more...]