Vote Hedgehog!

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This Is the Best Bad Lip Reading Yet

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Steven Greydanus Goes Way Off Script

Some see in this the conspiracy of a maniac with editing software. I think Victor Lams is just Bringing the Truth. [Read more...]

Today’s Dose of Quirky Inside Baseball Catholic Humor…

brought to you by Eye of the Tiber nad Not a Goblin, But a Troll. [Read more...]

I loves me some Amazon reviews

Here is the gang offering their hilarious opinions on the Hutzler Banana Slicer. [Read more...]

My heart swells with paternal pride

From Facebook: Sean Shea: Coelophysis it to say, Dinosaurs are awesome. Peter Shea: I won’t even triceratop that. Luke Shea: We’d better stop now, Ornitholestes puns get any worse. Peter Shea: You’re right. I’ll leave it to Utahraptor it up. Prehysterical. Iguanadonate to their Komedy Kollege Fund. [Read more...]

All Orson Scott Card Readers know the answer…

…to this question: the terrifying William Henry Harrison. [Read more...]

I don’t know who this “Nick Bottom” is over at CWR…

…but the man is freakin’ huh-larious: Dozens injured, thousands confused by riots over “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” DEVIL’S ELBOW, Missouri (ASS)— Theocratic, mean-spirited violence has erupted throughout the deep South, the “Bible Belt”, the Midwest, and a smattering of towns in the Rocky Mountains as thousands of Christians  have taken to the streets, wielding swords, [Read More...]

Best Part of Elections: Political Humor

It’s time for a free and open discussion of the issues from both candidates (language alert): I don’t know why, but these things kill me. [Read more...]


A reader sends along this absolutely authentic and true news piece: VATICAN CITY:  Fans of American football the world over have voiced their views over the game-clinching call at the end of the Green Bay – Seattle game held last night in the Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field.  After the debacle on the Hail Mary play on [Read More...]