I just learned about malaphors!

How delightful! Fave so far: “I can see through you like a book!” [Read more…]

When Clowns Rule, Humor is the Best Response

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How Ken Burns Would Have Made Star Wars

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Bright Week Humor

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Crucified man had prior run-in with authorities

How corporate media would have covered another brutal miscarriage of justice: “Born (possibly out of wedlock?) in a stable, this jobless thirty-something of Middle Eastern origin had had previous run-ins with local authorities for disturbing the peace, and had become increasingly associated with the members of a fringe religious group. He spent the majority of [Read More…]

Eye of the Tiber, Ladies and Gentlemen

Ushers Forcibly Remove Communicant After Palm Sunday Mass Runs Out of Communion Hosts [Read more…]

Brief Interview with actor Kaiser Johnson

A few years back, Kaiser and I were in a production of Manalive that has been kept carefully unreleased in order to ratchet up dramatic tension to unbearable levels. I anticipate a world premiere at my funeral or perhaps in some ensuing decade when the sensitive reappraisals of my legacy begin. After playing Innocent Smith, [Read More…]

This absolutely killed me

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Batman vs. Superman

This is funny: This is funnier: [Read more…]

The Bad Lip Reading…

of Paul Ryan’s Video Diary.  I have a weakness for these things: [Read more…]