From the Onion’s Year in Review

Obama Takes Out Romney With Mid-Debate Drone Attack We have not–yet–reached the point of passive, bread and circuses decadence where members of our Ruling Class have so subdued, drugged, and intimidated us that they can scramble for power like Barracks Emperors with actual murders of opponents in power struggles.  So the Onion piece is still [Read More...]

I have a weakness for Candid Camera Pranks

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Mass ‘steria!

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The Onion Reports…

4 Copy Editors Killed In Ongoing AP Style, Chicago Manual Gang Violence We’re also getting scattered reports from London that sporadic gunfire has broken out between enemies and advocates of the Oxford comma. [Read more...]

How Not to Do Literature

…is how a disturbing percentage of Christians think all art should be done. [Read more...]

Heh! Or should I say, “Grrrrrr. Argh!”

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The Invaluable Erin Manning…

makes her lyrical contribution to the Women’s Ordination Movement, assisted by the musical styling of a her reader “Tony”: HT: And Sometimes Tea And Sometimes Tee Hee. [Read more...]

Toddler Leaders…

…Call for Increased Duck Visibility [Read more...]

Scientists Locate Source of Pepto-Bismol

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Chesterton Knew How to Make Merry at Christmas

In the true Chestertonian Spirit, I offer the following holiday cheer: [Read more...]

And with this, your penance is over

Let Christmas now take away your pain as ytou enter into jollification! Christ is born! Allelluia! [Read more...]

It just never ends, does it?

And yet it will, tomorrow!. [Read more...]