The Beautiful Thing About Being Catholic…

…is that John Barnes and I can come together for different reasons to heap contempt on our Nanny Police State.  How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity. Meanwhile, as people continue to blather about how we *have* to vote for Romney because it’s “realistic” to vote for the most unreal [Read More...]

This cracked me up

[Read more...]

How Funny?

Pretty dang. [Read more...]

The Good News about the Obamacare Decision?

Within the space of five minutes, hundreds of thousands of Americans on the Internet instantly became Ph.Ds in Constitutional Law.  And they say the American education system is broken. [Read more...]

65% of Americans Give Evidence that Universal Suffrage…

…may have been a huge mistake. I do, however, have to give serious props to President Obama for this: During a May visit to the White House by the actor Will Smith and his family, Obama was quizzed by Smith’s 13-year-old son, Jaden, about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. In an interview with the BBC, [Read More...]

If Shakespeare had written…

the Hokey Pokey: O proud left foot, that ventures quick within Then soon upon a backward journey lithe. Anon, once more the gesture, then begin: Command sinistral pedestal to writhe. Commence thou then the fervid Hokey-Poke. A mad gyration, hips in wanton swirl. To spin! A wilde release from heaven’s yoke. Blessed dervish! Surely canst [Read More...]

Best Part About Politics

The Autotune the News Guys: [Read more...]

Andromeda Galaxy…

is on a collision course with the Milky Way in four billion years!!!!! Chris Matthews: “How will this affect Obama’s re-election hopes?” Rush Limbaugh: “There were no Imminent Galactic Collisions Under Reagan. This is Due to Liberal Socialist Incompetence!” Spirit Daily: “Is Andromeda Collision the Fulfillment of Medjugorje Prophesy?” E. Michael Jones/Robert Sungenis: “Jew Science [Read More...]

Google whimsy

Type “find Chuck Norris” and hit “I’m feeling lucky” and you get this. [Read more...]

Tee Hee

“There is one mediator between Protestant and Catholic: the man C.S. Lewis.” From a note I got in the mail yesterday. [Read more...]