Cow Shea, Comic Genius, Writes Something Worthy of Steven Wright

“Wrote a ballad in iambic pentagrameter, accidentally summoned all of Shakespeare’s personal demons.” Heh! [Read more...]

What do you call some one with just a nose and no body?

Nobody Nose. Ah me! I slay me. [Read more...]

“A man does not grow a beard in a fit of passion.” – G.K. Chesterton

[Read more...]

Chthulu Legos!

Insanely fun! Your children will go mad for the eldritch horror! Now available in Squamous, Fungoid *and* Rugose!  Collect all three! More here. [Read more...]

This is where knowing Catholic theology *really* pays off!

Here is an article about the alleged fluke of a supposedly “immaculately conceived” anteater. HAH! THE JOKE’S ON THEM! ALL ANTEATERS ARE IMMACULATELY CONCEIVED BECAUSE NO ANTEATER SUFFERS FROM ORIGINAL SIN!  LOSERS!  IN YOUR FACE, ANTEATER REPRODUCTION SCIENCE WRITER  BABE!  BOOM!  OH YEAH!  I’M BAD! Straightens tie.  Smooths down hair. Deep cleansing breaths.  So here’s [Read More...]

Star Trek: The Middle School Musical

This is pretty much why the Internet was invented. I dedicate this to Victor Lams, who is absolutely guaranteed to like this more than anything J.J. Abrams will ever do with the franchise: [Read more...]

Thoughts Occasioned by Contemplating Greg Popcak’s Face

May I just say that after careful consideration of his photo for several weeks, …I think fellow Patheosi Greg Popcak is the clear frontrunner for Next Bond Supervillain.  All he really needs is a huge mahogany desk, an imposing high-backed rich Corinthian Leather chair, a slender cat to stroke and wife Lisa standing next to [Read More...]

How Can I Write Like You, Mark?

Many people ask how they can become a rich and powerful writer like myself, tapping into the untold wealth to be found in the glittering and high octane world of Catholic scribbling. Here are a few tips for becoming a little bit like the glamorous A list celebrity you see before you, known to literally [Read More...]

Song for Philosophy Grads in a Time of Economic Downturn

Once I built a syllo- gism strong! Made it stand for all time Once I built a Syllo- gism strong Brother, can you paradigm? [Read more...]

Don’t make fun of renowned author Dan Brown

Bwahahahahaha! Renowned author Dan Brown woke up in his luxurious four-poster bed in his expensive $10 million house – and immediately he felt angry. Most people would have thought that the 48-year-old man had no reason to be angry. After all, the famous writer had a new book coming out. But that was the problem. [Read More...]