I’m working with a vocal coach

…strengthening the “Ahhhhhhahaha!” If you are going to be in the Evil League of Evil you have to have a memorable laugh. What? You think Bad Horse didn’t work on his Whinney–his terrible… Death Whinney? [Read more...]

I Apologize for *Nothing*! Nothing!! Do You Hear?

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Every Parent of a Super Hero Can Relate to This

Sometimes you just have to patiently let the baffling non-conversation unspool and allow your super hero to go to his happy cave. [Read more...]

My East Coast Readers Inspire Me

Sez one: GPS receiver freshly updated. If the power goes out, I can still find geocaches. It’s important to prioritize in an emergency. [Read more...]

What about *Me*? What about *MY* Needs?

Occasional thunder and lightning and winds up to 16 MPH today in Seattle! It’s HeckStorm 2012! Seriously, you guys out there on the east coast stay safe and come through with a ton of great stories for your kids to tell. Man. Comboxes are gonna be quiet once the power grid goes out and half [Read More...]

I gotta get me one of these

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You’re a Newbie at Time Travel. What Do You Do First?

Kill Hitler of course!  Duh! John C. Wright needs to check this out. [Read more...]

Must. Not. Laugh.

I am a bad person. [Read more...]

Our Son, the Beloved Cow, Kills Me

“The only thing we have to fear is Fier Itzelph, the deformed Czech serial killer who was seen entering your home. Please stay on the line.” – Cow Shea [Read more...]

Mark, what’s it like to be a professional-type writer?

Pretty much like this: My editors and loved ones prefer I write in crayon. Something about “being a danger to myself and others”. Anyway, here at Happydale, they let me write as much as I want. And I also get to do arts and crafts. And the treatments make me feel really peaceful. I just [Read More...]


Nation Tunes in to See Which Sociopath More Likeable This Time “I’m very curious to see which one of these two clinically sociopathic individuals will present the most convincing and authentic approximation of an actual human conscience tonight,” said Cincinnati-area voter Miranda Harrick, 40, adding that both candidates, like all successful politicians, were undeniably skilled [Read More...]

Total Mike Flynn Bait

Science scientifically proves scientific link between chocolate consumption and a country’s per capita number of Nobel Prize winners. Because correlation is Latin for “causation”. I, at any rate, prefer to believe that when I am savoring the rare bit of chocolate. [Read more...]