I’m a survivor

Well, by now the whole world has heard the stories and seen the horrendous images of devastation from Seattle. The burning sofa, the crowds chanting “SEAHAWKS!” really loud. A city of a couple of million now reeling from the news that six drunken frat boys have been arrested for partying too hearty. It’s like living [Read More…]

Cats: A Super-Intelligent Race Sent Here from Another Planet to Observe Our World?

Or just stupid? Experts have disagreed for centuries. [Read more…]

100 Movie Quotes…

reduced to charts. This killed me. [Read more…]

This Killed Me

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I’m told that all this snow elevates North America’s albedo.

So I guess we can expect quite the Baby Boom in nine months! [Read more…]

Amazon Reviews are a New Art Form

They create community while allowing undiscovered literary artists both the scope and the discipine of form to create small works of art that reveal their inmost being.  Here, for example, are a collection of reviews for Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears.  You will learn more than perhaps you never even wanted to know about the personal [Read More…]

Disturbingly Funny

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On Richard Sherman, Seahawks Public Relations Professional

Say what you will about the tenets of National Shermanism, at least it’s an *ethos*! Look, we don’t need Sherman to introduce Masterpiece Theatre, comment on the works of Plato, or summarize Proust. We just need him to kick the clenched, fearful little butts of the Broncos as they scamper away like adorable, tiny eohippi. [Read More…]

I don’t like Sudoku

I prefer Real Ku instead. Ah me. I slay me. [Read more…]

A FB Exchange

Rod Bennett: “Men of few words are the best men.” – William Shakespeare Cow Shea: He must’ve had very low self-esteem. Mark Shea” “Yup.” – Gary Cooper [Read more…]