A reader writes: Your report of possible life on Mars is food for thoat. Gentle reader: Your puns raise the bar. Soom I will lower it. [Read more...]

The Conspiracy is Deeper Than We Know!

What further proof of ancient astronaut genetic engineering do we need? [Read more...]

Let Troll

…be Troll! I hereby do plead for the return of the Troll to the blogosphere. The eerie silence since November 12 cries out to be filled with the inimitable prose stylings of the Troll! Return to us, Troll! We love you! [Read more...]

Today’s moment of spambot zen

In addition to the thousands of spambots who turn up to shower praise on my brilliant layout, ask why their comment got eaten, tell me what a brilliant writer I am and write curious things in curious English, I sometimes get stuff like this: Our life is really strange issue and sometime people should choose [Read More...]

Of course the real question….

…is how many spiders would you have to swallow to be visible from space? [Read more...]

This reminds me of the old saying…

“An enemy is just a friend who wants to kill you.”  I’m a sucker for sentimentality. [Read more...]

I think he would find this amusing

[Read more...]

Hey College Boy

Your elitism just went klonk: I derive the same joy from this as the time somebody wrote to tell me “YOU ARE A IDOIT!” [Read more...]

The Sorrow and the Pity

[Read more...]

Change You Can Believe In

What else could a voter need to know? Vote for Pedro! [Read more...]


A heartfelt tune from the geniuses behind Phineas and Ferb: [Read more...]

How I Love the Eye of the Tiber blog

“Catholic Democrat Makes Holy Hour Before The Real Presence Of Obama” Tee hee. [Read more...]