More Grist for Spirit Daily

Papal resignation.  Asteroid flyby.  Russian Meteor.  Plague of Locusts. And in Seattle this past weekend: Comicon!  The Three Days of Dorkness!   [Read more...]

Better Than a Hair Shirt For Lent

is the Humiliating Old Photo: I think this was taken at the “Catholic Trekker Conference” in 2001. As I recall, my  first talk was titled “They’re Just Jealous: Why Cool Kids, Football Players and Cheerleaders Will Never Match the +5 I Rolled in Charisma”.  It was followed by my second discourse, titled “Catholic Social Teaching [Read More...]

Who Knew Lutherans Were So Funny?

The last line is the best. [Read more...]


That answered that. [Read more...]

In the Pages of the New Yorker, This is Like Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

HT: [Read more...]

The Law Was Made for Man…

…not man for the law, illustrated: and, wait for it, you’ll get it: [Read more...]

Roman Empire Remembers Peter’s Tainted Legacy

Delightful little spoof of the standard shiv-in-the-ribs “tributes” the MSM always does for the Pope. On a related note, I wrote this a few years back when similar “troubled legacy” stuff was circulating for JPII’s 25th Anniversary: Jesus Christ Celebrates 33rd Anniversary as God Incarnate –But Critics Wonder Whether His Legacy Will be Ruined [Read more...]

Jim Meskimen Really Amazes Me

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A Special Lenten Confession Aid

If you have trouble preparing for the sacrament of reconciliation, may I recommend LIAM NEESON STARING INTO YOUR SOUL FOR 10 HOURS!!! By the time this video is over, you will be ready to confess it all, THE WHOLE SORDID THING! [Read more...]

Lightning Strike on St. Peter’s + Our Lady of Lourdes…

+ this! Clearly the St. Malachy prophesy and Medjugorje are now proven. [Read more...]