Why the Sin of Pride is Properly Punished by Laughter

The Left tends to pride itself on being massively more intelligent than conservatives. This is the fitting doom of all who indulge this fantasy: On the other hand, it isn’t like there aren’t a significant number of dumb people on the Right *still* clinging to the dumb Birther conspiracy. Moral: Stupidity is an equal opportunity [Read More...]

This Killed Me

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Highly Amusing

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Superior Soviet Technology

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Journalists: Your intellectual superiors

Heh: Microsoft’s Xbox team is busy gearing up for the big E3 video game convention next week, but they must have stopped to chuckle over this inadvertent product placement. A BBC television report on the very serious topic of the crisis in Syria inadvertently used a logo from the Halo game franchise as if it were a [Read More...]

I love 30 Rock

“Frankly, not too much has changed. There’s an iPod 3 and uh, a Mitt Romney 4…they worked all the bugs out, he’s not…killing hoboes at night anymore.” I really do wonder if a rogue electro magnetic pulse would fry Romney’s circuitry, causing him to take a knife to his arm during a speech to the [Read More...]


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Obama Continues to Impress our Allies

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My kids are awesome

Son Matthew writes on FB: “I’m training to become a freelance internet psychic. You think that sounds dumb.” His friend Hannah replies: “It’s like you’re reading my mind…” So Matthew answers: “That’ll be twelve bucks.” With a set up like that, how could I resist adding: “I knew you were going to charge twelve bucks. [Read More...]

This cracked me up

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