Lightning Strike on St. Peter’s + Our Lady of Lourdes…

+ this! Clearly the St. Malachy prophesy and Medjugorje are now proven. [Read more...]

This Also Killed Me

[Read more...]

This Killed Me

Yelp Restaurant Review read by a professional actor: I’m thinking maybe I should try this with some of the Magical Unicorn Head Reviews at Amazon. [Read more...]

I Resemble That Remark

I think I’m the one on the right. [Read more...]

First Friday in Lent!

And yes: You may have that second helping of alligator: Thank God for the Magisterium! HT: Rod Dreher [Read more...]

I put these on the walls in the Pits of Despair

Seems to really buck up the shuffling hordes of semi-human man things lusting for blood and conquest down there. They get restless waiting for my plans to ripen. Mu, as they say, waha. [Read more...]

The Overly Attached Girlfriend…

…is here to remind all you single guys that there’s a lot to be said for a celibate priesthood: [Read more...]

Look at the Bright Side…

On March 1, the sedevacantists get to be right for a few days. (Yes, we Irish crack jokes when we are sad.) [Read more...]

I just want to see him slap Robin

“Cardinal, do you think the new pope will change the Church’s teaching abou…” “NO!” [Read more...]

Within the Breast of Every Monster…

there beats the heart of a widdle boy who just wants your wuv: [Read more...]