My kids are awesome

Son Matthew writes on FB: “I’m training to become a freelance internet psychic. You think that sounds dumb.” His friend Hannah replies: “It’s like you’re reading my mind…” So Matthew answers: “That’ll be twelve bucks.” With a set up like that, how could I resist adding: “I knew you were going to charge twelve bucks. [Read More...]

This cracked me up

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It Says Something about the Quality of our News Media

…that one of the best places to get really insightful and penetrating analyses of the news is Cracked. Here they are, expatiating on 5 Ways to Spot a BS Political Story in Under 10 Seconds and it’s deadly accurate, though NSFW for profanity. [Read more...]

This cracks me up

Nobody listens to my theory that Romney is either Kang or Kodos and that each night, he removes the rubber human mask to relax and dine on live mice. I could be wrong, of course. But what evidence do you actually have for that? [Read more...]

High Praise Indeed

Tragically, spiritually attuned and perceptive appreciations of my work often seem to wind up in the spam filter: Congratulations for posting such a useful blog. Your blog isn’t only informative but also extremely artistic too. There usually are extremely couple of individuals who can write not so easy articles that creatively. Keep up the good [Read More...]

Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you! [Read more...]

Fisking King David

As the Combox Inquisition goes to work to diagnose and condemn the soul of a good and holy man of whom they know nothing, I offer this little tribute to Combox Inquisitors everywhere. [Read more...]

There are short stories…

and then there are Very Short Stories for Twitter. It’s like haiku for the aspiring novelist. [Read more...]

Exalted Felicitations of the Day

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Fr. James Martin Cracks Me Up

It’s funny because it’s true. [Read more...]