I have a complete weakness for pranks like this

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As a Professional Catholic, women sense my power

…and constantly message me on Facebook. I must say, women seem to be incredibly unimaginative for the most part since the messages they send me are almost word for word the same: they’ve examined my profile, find me intriguing (no argument there of course) and long for a relationship with me, which will begin the [Read More…]

One Important Factor in Explaining What’s the Matter with Me…

…is that I basically learned American history from Stan Freberg. Today being Columbus Day, I feel that it is important for all Americans to know the facts about the discovery of the New World. By the way, one of the reasons Dawn Eden rawks is that she actually got to interview Freberg. It is only [Read More…]

Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned…

…for 5% of Americans who approve of Congress. [Read more…]

TSA is Your Friend! Trust TSA!

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Dominican Still Wearing White….

….months after Labor Day. Who can fathom the minds of these nefarious Sons of Torquemada? [Read more…]

The Power of Editing

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I’m Sure Glad I Find It a Breeze to Obey This Commandment

As a Living Saint, this commandment from our Lord just comes naturally to me. I scarcely need to think about it, so full of natural charity am I. I don’t think I’ve ever broken it, much less thought about breaking it. Also, I have visited Alpha Centauri personally. [Read more…]

I could actually feel the Cold War melting in my heart as I watched this

Still not as great as the the Red Army Band’s performance of “Sweet Home Alabama” And not quite as wondrous as Encounter Over Planet Trololo [Read more…]

I love Lino Rulli

Santo Subito! American author calls for his own Sainthood, now Ahead of John Paul II, popular SIRIUS/XM radio host desires canonization ATLANTA, Sept. 4, 2013 – Widely known for his wit and humor as the host of “The Catholic Guy” on SiriusXM Radio, Lino Rulli believes that, like Pope John Paul II, his own Cause [Read More…]