What fun!

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Giant Deadly Snail Found in Houston


Because I Can! Ah HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Ah choo moo moo: For the Dziekonskis. Ousta! And finally… [Read more…]


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It’s Star Wars Day!

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Top 10 Cliches Among Young Catholics

Not being a young Catholic, I’m not sure how accurate this is, but a lot of it sounds familiar. I did have fun, a few years ago, with the help of my readers, collating some of the familiar tropes in the world of anti-Catholic rhetoric.  The article–Behold the Spam of God!—still cracks me up. [Read more…]

It is very wrong to laugh at this

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Third Argument Against Existence of God Discovered

St. Thomas, who always tried to be thorough and fair, surveyed the whole history of human thought and could only come up with two really decent arguments against the existence of God. For all of history up to the present, all really good atheist arguments boil down to one or both of these, repeated and [Read More…]

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being…

…Conan.  Pretty funny stuff: Totally unrelated, except that it also involves Conan: [Read more…]

From our “Don’t Patronize Me” File

A reader writes: Greatest Exchange of All Time, from the Don’t Argue with My Mother File: Person: Well, I guess the idea of the Resurrection must be comforting. My Mother: Why would it be comforting if it weren’t true? [Read more…]