My commenters crack me up

Artevelde writes: A shame isn’t it. Three hundred years of happy harmonious race mingling and here comes this Obama dude messing it all up. [Read more…]

To my Protestant friends

A little Reformation Day Humor: [Read more…]

So proud to have written the foreword for Eye of the Tiber’s book

Here’s the latest headline from America’s most trusted Catholic information source: EWTN Officially Endorses Trump for the Papacy [Read more…]

Australia, Land of Horrors

Here’s the latest news from Monster Island, where spiders eat mice. The BBC films all of its Walking with Prehistoric Beasts documentaries in Australia. ¬†True fact! Here a typical Saturday afternoon in the backyard of a Sydney suburb: [Read more…]

This is kind of amazing

It’s really impressive that they could put this together so fast: [Read more…]

Lutheran Satire Kills Me

My eschatology is limited to “He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead” and I really could not care less about this argument. But this video is just so funny I had to share it. [Read more…]

On a lighter note…

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How Catholic Catechesis Works, As Explained via a Star Wars Trailer

First, you have the text: Then, you have the Magisterial authority poring over the text and bringing out the hidden insights and connections embedded in it that you might have missed without the Magisterium helping you see them: [Read more…]

St. Lawrence, Patron of Cook and Comedians, ora pro nobis

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Thomas puts the T in Tee Hee

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