Look at the Bright Side…

On March 1, the sedevacantists get to be right for a few days. (Yes, we Irish crack jokes when we are sad.) [Read more...]

I just want to see him slap Robin

“Cardinal, do you think the new pope will change the Church’s teaching abou…” “NO!” [Read more...]

Within the Breast of Every Monster…

there beats the heart of a widdle boy who just wants your wuv: [Read more...]

Puritanism: The Haunting Fear that Someone Somewhere is Happy

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I only start worrying…

…if the new pope takes the name “Joan II”. Okay, if Mahony is elected and takes the name Judas I, I also worry. Update: Will the new Pope take the name “Jude”? Vatican insiders denied the possibility, saying, “Nah Nah Nah Nahnananaaah.” Others speculate that, in a bid for a commanding share of the soft [Read More...]

Come Again?

Brennan Objects To Use Of Waterboarding In CIA Confirmation Hearing I didn’t know they used waterboarding in CIA confirmation hearings.  DC is a rougher town than I thought. [Read more...]

You Think You Know Someone and Then They Are Suddenly a Stranger to You

So I post this on Facebook: What better way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day than with the gift of bacon roses? And to my utter astonishment this conversation unfolds: Sherry Weddell: I know it sounds impossible . . . but I could live without ever eating bacon again. Mark Shea: Who are [Read More...]

How Conversations Go with My Kids

Ever since they took those stupid logic classes there’s been no living with them. On the other hand, this sort of reasoning has always seemed to me to be rather, well, reasonable when people tell me that the entire witness of the gospels and the New Testament is worthless because people back then were 2000 years dumber [Read More...]

I Can’t Get Enough of These Things

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I can see you’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Here: watch this

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