As funny as this is…

Even funnier is the Youtube comment below it: “Argharharghargh” Powerful. Emotional. Heartbreaking. Give this man an Emmy. [Read more...]

It’s Friday the 13th

Today I am going to walk under a ladder in a house with my umbrella open as I spill salt and drop bread butter side down. Have a lucky day! [Read more...]

Bloggers are Like Samson

We gain our awesome power from our beards. Of course, this explanation may not cover all the facts, as Amy Welborn, Jennifer Fulwiler, Simcha Fisher, and similar estrogen-based life forms will object in that pettifogging, overly-attentive-to-detail way that women have. But it’s my story and I’m sticking to it. [Read more...]

This Killed Me

[Read more...]

The Beloved Tasha, Mother of the Cuteness, writes

I feel compelled to make sure that you are up to date on this matter–because the robots are coming. You need to be ready. We of course started with the Big Dogs: But it got scarier from there, as the applications for use against us expanded: Soon, they would be able to watch us anywhere: [Read More...]