I am filled with nameless, proboscidian, squamous, fungoid and rugose pride

Luke the Nordic Giant has a special greeting for H.P. Lovecraft: Happy Birthday, Cthulhu! Happy Birthday, Cthulhu! Happy Birthday, Eldritch Horror! Happy Birthday, Cthulhu! [Read more...]

Huzzah! Joy! Delight!

The winners of this years Bulwer-Lytton Bad Writing Contest have been posted!  Feast upon such golden prose as: As he told her that he loved her she gazed into his eyes, wondering, as she noted the infestation of eyelash mites, the tiny deodicids burrowing into his follicles to eat the greasy sebum therein, each female [Read More...]

Youtube: It’s edgemacational!

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End the Violence!

If you think this is bad… …you should see what the Weeping Angels are capable of. [Read more...]

I’m going!

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Chip off block

My son Peter just walked up to me and said, “I changed a light bulb, crossed the road, and walked into a bar. It was then I realized: my life is a joke.” I am so proud–and so ashamed. We’re hoping he considers becoming a priest, a minister, and a rabbi. [Read more...]

George Carlin was some kind of genius

This amazing pastische of every pop culture/media buzzword and empty catchphrase of the new millennium is brilliant: I’d go so far as to say it not just brilliant, it’s beyond new improved extra flexi dextra massive mammoth macro mega magna multi poly quanta ultra hyper supra tetra tera giga dyna electra turbo insta posi vita [Read More...]

The Troll Who Is Not a Goblin…

…continues to hold forth in his own inimitable fashion on such burning topics as Mel Gibson, modesty, the evils of Vatican II, hamsters, and, er, regularity in the life of the Truly True Catholic. This is perhaps the most inside baseball boutique humor blog on the planet. Hilariously funny, but only to a population about [Read More...]

Fausto Boop writes

“Thanks a whole lot truly significantly. It helped! At the quite least we ultimately realized that which was taking location!” I’m thinking about putting together a page full of rave reviews of this blog from spiderbots. The combination of relentlessly upbeat and absolutely hollow affirmations with Engrish as She is Spoke is a constant source [Read More...]

Ends with M-I-N-G!

This still cracks me up. [Read more...]

I’m 28!

in Martian years. Of course, the real trick is calculating the age of a dog on other planets. For instance, how old is the……. Mars Rover! Ah me! I am sooooo funny! [Read more...]

This killed me

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