As Joe Cocker says…

You are so beautiful to me. [Read more...]

UN Security Council Meets…

to discuss the unprovoked and dastardly attack by the Land of Oz on the Land of Tír na nÓg. Unconfirmed reports say that hundreds of leprechauns were killed in the surprise assault. [Read more...]

This is a consoling thought

An enemy is just a friend who wants to kill you. – Doug TenNapel [Read more...]

The Daleks Sing Gilbert and Sullivan!

Inspiring! [Read more...]

Tee, as they say, hee

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Mitchell and Webb Join the Conspiracy

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Eye of the Tiber Kills Me

Second Paul VI Miracle Approved After Priest Gives Homily on Humanae Vitae When a Catholic says, “I’m a thinking Catholic, and I get so sick of hearing about nothing but contraception in every homily”, what he means is “I go along completely with whatever TV and pop music says about sex without the slightest movement [Read More...]

Pretty funny

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This killed me

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I don’t know what it says about me that I find such things funny

Reminds me of the meme “People are like balloons. When you stab them, they die.” [Read more...]

The Great Thing About Being a Liberal Arts Major…

…is that it teaches you to despise all the money you’ll never make: I remember when I first got a job at the English factory.  Good times.  Good times. [Read more...]

I get this a lot

More affirming people tell me, “I was just high-fiving your face”. [Read more...]