Pope Calls Angry Blogger

Gets Excommunicated. The keenly discerning combox Magisterium of Real Catholic is really flexing its muscles. Fresh from its profoundly wise defenses of ramming food up a man’s anus as totally compatible with the holy will of Jesus Christ, it is now working hard to rid the Church of the scourge of Pope Francis. The awesome [Read More...]

Evangelical Atheists: Making Life Immeasurably Harder for Atheists

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This killed me

The music is what really makes this: [Read more...]

Is Pluto Making a Comeback?

And if so, what do we call it? I vote “Planet Emeritus”. [Read more...]

Horus Ruins Christmas

The credulity of the “It May Interest You to Know…” anti-Christia skeptic knows no bounds. [Read more...]

Chuck Norris Captures the Spirit of Christmas

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Colbert Provides Vitally Needed Analysis of One of the Great Issues of Our Time

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It’s a glorious day!

’90s Kids Rejoice! The Spider Eggs They Used To Fill Beanie Babies Are Finally Hatching! [Read more...]

Modernist Hippie Liberal Pope Leads Eastern Churches into Marijuana Use!!!!

Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew Sign Joint Declaration Thanks, folks! I’m here all week! [Read more...]

Today’s Advent Act of Penance

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