Did you know?

Before he graduated from Spy School and received his OO7, James Bond first had to get a Permit to Kill and could only kill under adult supervision. [Read more…]

I love Eye of the Tiber

As 2000th Anniversary of Pentecost Approaches, God Still Refuses to Clarify Ambiguous Passages of Scripture [Read more…]

Pope Wearing Sweater Vestments He Got for Christmas

I love the Onion. [Read more…]

I can’t decide if Pearls Before Swine deserves a Pulitzer…

…or a firing squad: [Read more…]

Nerd Products You Won’t Find in Stores…

…which parents need, or at least think they want. From the whimsical brain of Sherry Antonetti, my Monday co-host. [Read more…]

This killed me

[Read more…]

It’s vital to relive important moments in American Literary History

I wrote this on January 6, 2014. You’re welcome: Joozes and Druzes they both like their boozes. But Joozes choose boozes that make Druzes snoozy and Druzes choose boozes the Joozes refuses. When Jooz schmooze with Druzes on joint Jew/Druze cruises The boozes the Jooz and the Druzes give floozies are doozies. So Hoosiers reuse [Read More…]

Dave Barry’s Year in Review

…is always a pleasure to read. [Read more…]

Today we’re watching a heartwarming family holiday classic!

Henry Potter and the Building and Loan, in which a young banker with a lightning-shaped scar learns he has the magical power to crush the evil George Bailey (aka “Lord Voldemortgage”) and turn Bedford Falls from a socialist welfare haven for a lazy, discontented rabble into a Libertarian paradise for a thrifty working class. [Read more…]

No Apologies, No Regrets

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