How Catholic Catechesis Works, As Explained via a Star Wars Trailer

First, you have the text: Then, you have the Magisterial authority poring over the text and bringing out the hidden insights and connections embedded in it that you might have missed without the Magisterium helping you see them: [Read more…]

St. Lawrence, Patron of Cook and Comedians, ora pro nobis

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Thomas puts the T in Tee Hee

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Aristotle on Trolling

This somehow seemed like something that would appeal to Michael Flynn‘s droll sense of humor. [Read more…]

Greatest campaign ad in history

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Goody! Bad Lip Reading of the First Presidential Debate!

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The World of Childish Unreality

One of the marks of childishness is the strange conviction that one’s will can really make reality conform merely through ones magical words or actions. So we see the child shut his eyes and declare that he is invisible, or drop food on the floor and declare that he ate it. ¬†And the will can [Read More…]

Seth Meyers on the Debate is Pretty Funny

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John Oliver Does an Excellent Job…

…of cutting through the impenetrable haze of scandals and explaining what they are about and tu quoque fallacies and moral equivalency argument really just don’t cut the mustard: [Read more…]

Spydere Man Theme Songe by Geoffrey Chaucer

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