I get this a lot

More affirming people tell me, “I was just high-fiving your face”. [Read more...]

Sign of Hope #3498734: The Vatican’s New Website

I find it consoling that one look at the Vatican website destroys forever the Jack Chick legend of the team of computer scientist super-geniuses compiling the database on all Protestants slated for execution. Added bonus: “Best Viewed with Netscape Navigator” icon in the footer has been removed. A harbinger of the Great Cleansing Fire that [Read More...]

Juvenile, but Hilarious

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Don’t be a Heartless Monster

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Everyone Knows Steve Greydanus is a good Catholic film critic

But, did you know he is the *only* Catholic film critic who can silently kill five Chinese agents in a crowded opera house using only a rolled up playbill, without spilling a drop of his dry martini, or the losing the love of a beautiful woman? True dish! [Read more...]

Got my boat!

Got my padd…. oh: [Read more...]

On This Day in 1945…

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I am unspeakably thrilled by this

Naturally. [Read more...]

Physical Law is for the Weak and Unimaginative

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I both swell with paternal pride and burn with shame

Help me, I am trapped in a haiku factory! Save me, before they – Peter Shea [Read more...]

Creepy, yet hilarious

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Disturbingly funny

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