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People tell me the Catholic faith is all about inflicting guilt

But that’s really the task of post-Christian Puritanism like this article. Catholic faith is about forgiveness of sins. Here: have some more guilt: [Read more...]

This speaks to me at a deep visceral level

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Jesus Christ Celebrates 33rd Anniversary as God Incarnate

A naughty piece Yr. Obdt. Svt. wrote some years back on our breathless culture of media speculation. [Read more...]

This killed me

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Strength Through Incompetent Violence!

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Predator vs. Prey

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Lord of the Rings by George Lucas

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Eye of the Tiber Kills Me

Minotaurs and Krakens is Where Pope Francis Draws the Line [Read more...]

Unguessed Genius

So this past weekend, I put up a little silly game about taking a single letter from a book, TV show or film title and seeing what you wind up with (“Lord of the Rigs: Lure fishing in Middle Earth”).  Lots of people responded with some very funny stuff.  But one reader, JJG, has gone [Read More...]