John Oliver Does an Excellent Job…

…of cutting through the impenetrable haze of scandals and explaining what they are about and tu quoque fallacies and moral equivalency argument really just don’t cut the mustard: [Read more…]

Spydere Man Theme Songe by Geoffrey Chaucer

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Benedict admits to catfishing faithful…

…with “Pope Francis” persona.  Germans have such a droll sense of humor. [Read more…]


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The Fat Guy’s Life Verse

My face I did not shield from buffets. – Isaiah 50:6 h/t Reader Christopher Zelonis [Read more…]

Can’t. Resist. Fat. Jokes

After A Sphere Mercy the other day (of which I am perhaps sinfully proud) I’ve been thinking of more fat (and other terrible) jokes and posting them on FB (which is what prompted Peter Holmes to write a Thomistic analysis of Dad Jokes). Today, I wrote “I’m not saying I’m fat, but instead of a [Read More…]

A Thomistic Analysis of Dad Jokes

Reader Peter Holmes puts his Catholic education to good use by writing: Whether some jokes are not Dad jokes Objection 1: The joke relies on knowledge not usually possessed by children. The joke is addressed to Facebook users who are, by law, over 14 years old. Therefore it is not a Dad joke. Objection 2: The [Read More…]

Too soon?

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As the Prophet Trudeau Spake in 1999

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Beliefnet Acquires Patheos

I wonder if this has something to do with the “Compulsory Organ Donation Agreement for Patheos Writers Over 55” memo I got.  I mean, I’m willing to take one for the team, but I still feel like I have a few productive years left. And let me add that this is definitely Real Mark Shea writing [Read More…]