Victorian Style Star Trek Uniforms

…for the Steampunk Temporal Cold Warrior in your life. So, so awesome! [Read more...]

Leonard Nimoy on the Jewish Mysticism of Vulcan Gestures

Interesting interview in which we learn about the huge impression a rabbinic blessing made on an eight year old Leonard Nimoy. Plus, a rare William Shatner impression! [Read more...]

Jek Porkins Finally Comes Into his Own and Finds His Inner Dancer

[Read more...]

Hey Western Washington Nerds

Doxacon, sponsored by self-described Geek Orthodox Christians, sounds like a great time.  Hope to see you there this summer! [Read more...]

Cool Catholic Nerdery!

Reader David Hazen writes: I’m an occasional reader and long-time admirer of your work, and was thus delighted to see you describe the ‘CHE-STER-TON’ shirt as “one of my proudest possessions.” My sister and I designed those a few years ago and licensed them to Dale & co. with the addition of their branding. So, [Read More...]

Why Dr. Who Rulz and Star Trek Drools

Love this observation from Radio Free Thulcandra: Seems to me that Doctor Who is actually the perfect anti-Star Trek in terms of its own political theology.  Rejecting the goopy pomo UN-style cultural marxist imperialism of the Federation, the Doctor embodies the opposite of the Prime Directive.  He ALWAYS interferes, ALWAYS sees in the common personhood [Read More...]