Satellites, the Internet, and the Communion of Saints

In which the splendid Brandon Vogt gets Bishop Robert Barron thinking about data packets and prayers to the saint in the most supremely nerdly way possible. [Read more…]

Okay. One more Star Trek post

About the rocky beginnings of the legendary show. [Read more…]

And while we are nerding out about

Star Trek, there is this: [Read more…]

Doxacon Seattle is Coming!

For the Orthodox Sci-Fi/Fantasy Nerd in Your Life (though I have it on good authority that nerds of all stripes and flavors are also welcome): My good and dear friends, don’t forget to purchase your tickets to Doxacon Seattle 2016 at We are going to have excellent speakers, a live band (The Pangalacticats), and [Read More…]

!daed si aralC

Cast of Doctor Who recreates Abbey Road cover–with Daleks. [Read more…]

Victorian Style Star Trek Uniforms

…for the Steampunk Temporal Cold Warrior in your life. So, so awesome! [Read more…]

Leonard Nimoy on the Jewish Mysticism of Vulcan Gestures

Interesting interview in which we learn about the huge impression a rabbinic blessing made on an eight year old Leonard Nimoy. Plus, a rare William Shatner impression! [Read more…]

Jek Porkins Finally Comes Into his Own and Finds His Inner Dancer

[Read more…]

Hey Western Washington Nerds

Doxacon, sponsored by self-described Geek Orthodox Christians, sounds like a great time.  Hope to see you there this summer! [Read more…]

Cool Catholic Nerdery!

Reader David Hazen writes: I’m an occasional reader and long-time admirer of your work, and was thus delighted to see you describe the ‘CHE-STER-TON’ shirt as “one of my proudest possessions.” My sister and I designed those a few years ago and licensed them to Dale & co. with the addition of their branding. So, [Read More…]