Ann Coulter Stands Tall Against the Menace of Soccer

No. Really. In addition to not caring about soccer, I don’t care about hatred for soccer. I get the dim impression that red-blooded bomb-throwing nuts like Coulter have taken to ladling out this particular culture war outrage porn because somehow Talk Radio fans feel that soccer contributes to the Euroweenification and illegal immigrantification of manly [Read More…]

Fun Contest!

So, apparently, people are upset about the Washington Redskins, which play some kind of sport point unit goal thing, having to change their name.  Funny old world.  I think it’s a golden opportunity.  How often do you get to name a sport point unit goal team something new? “The Washington Apatosauruses” sounds good to me. [Read More…]

On Behalf of All Lit Majors Everywhere…

Permit me to say that I, for one, am happy that the only football team in the world named for a poem is now the REGNANT SUPREME CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE! Best commercial: the Oreo Quiet Riot with the cop whispering through the bullhorn. Also, I was disturbed by the implication that babies are not [Read More…]

Apparently there is some sort of sporting event happening in Europe

In honor of that spirit of international goodwill, I give you Extreme Tiddly Winks: [Read more…]