“To stamp out world Communism I would be willing to destroy the entire universe, even to the furthest star.”

Ryan McMaken on some of the truly insane things rattling around in the attic of conservatism. All merely human political ideologies, even the ones we like, are–apart from grace–capable of willing (and, if we are not careful, enacting) gigantic evil–and often in reaction to gigantic evil. The appalling thing about our present age is that, [Read More…]

The Ultimate Takeaway from 9/11

“Ultimately, the Church—as the only historical entity that transcends nationalisms and ideologies—must use its intellectual strength to combat, attenuate, or destroy that which was loosed from the abyss. “It is, therefore, the duty of those elements in Western Society that still possess a principle of spiritual unity to rally the divided forces of our civilization,” [Read More…]

Burning Man for Libertarians

Guns, drugs, and partial nudity Fest for people with a philosophy that does not include children. [Read more…]


“To protest against environmentalists and the Obama administration, conservative truck owners are tricking-out diesel pickups with coal stacks that belch out puffs of black smoke in a new campaign in the political culture war.” Liberals are assholes because many of the things they stand for are wrong, and even some of the good things they [Read More…]

Dear Crisis Magazine….

You recently published Joe Hargrave’s defense of the proposition that Libertarianism is not heretical: Here’s some Libertarian thought from Libertarian thinker Murray Rothbard (the guy Libertarians routinely refer us to as the “sane” alternative to Enemy of God Ayn Rand): The Catholic anti-abortionist, for example, declares that all he wants for the fetus is the [Read More…]

Thomas Storck Offers a Novel Approach to Catholic Teaching

Listening to the whole thing and then doing it, instead of mining it for ammo for your preferred ideology while blowing the rest of it off or using it as a cudgel to beat ideologican enemies. Could be catching on! [Read more…]

Everything That’s Vile and Evil about Randianized Christianity

…in three sentences: If you get lung cancer from smoking then you shouldn’t get treatment. It says right on the box may cause cancer.Let mother nature takes its course for the next 20 years and see where we are after that. I’ll explain to my Mom that if she be like to die she had [Read More…]

Several readers are baffled by the Pope’s Ambassador…

telling our bishops not to preach ideology.  What does that mean? Ideology is the attempt to reduce the person of Jesus Christ into a single monomaniacal All Explaining Theory of Everything.  In other words, it is heresy.  Catholics should not preach heresy. [Read more…]

Jason Hall, All Around Good Egg…

…has a good piece on ideology and idolatry (more or less the same thing) up over at Catholic Lane. Ideology is basically just another word for heresy.  The Faith asserts a few truths and lets the rest of reality relax in mystery.  Ideology latches on a bit of the Faith and then tries to get rid [Read More…]