The amazing geography of Eastern Washington

…is the result of periodic epic catastrophes like the eruption of the hotspot that is now under Yellowstone but used to be under Idaho, as well as (millions of years later) multiple stupendous floods from Lake Missoula. Imagine a volume of water equal to Lake Michigan suddenly being disgorged into eastern Washington in the space [Read More…]

Today in Crazy Seattle Weather

A rare lightning strike at the Needle! Wild weather blowing through the city – stay safe, Seattle! — Space Needle (@space_needle) February 27, 2017 Lightning Strikes the Space Needle! We also had snow and hail and could get more! [Read more…]

Big Giant Storms Headed Our Way

So if I disappear from cyberspace, it’s because of power outages caused by this. [Read more…]

Works of Piety, Seattle Style

It’s a bit of a caricature, but there’s a fair amount of truth here too: In Seattle, the real problem with the Democratic Party, is that it’s way too conservative. In Seattle, you signal your allegiance to the flag by keeping the latest copy of The Stranger perched on the corner of your office desk [Read More…]

Washington: It’s Not Like Where You’re From

Did me dooty this morning and filed my ballot.  To my great pleasure, the Gubernatorial race includes (I am not making this up): “Goodspaceguy“. He informs us that due to his comprehensive studies of business and economics in Sweden, Germany and the US he has “a worldview”.  Good to know. His prescriptions include “loser wages” [Read More…]

Not Sure What to Make of the Story on Amazon That Came Out a Couple Weeks Back

It doesn’t look good (and I have friends who have worked that whose stories as contract workers are not happy ones). On the other hand, I have friends who work there as programmers who report a really good work environme I s’pose a large corp can be a complex ecosystem with a lot of subcultures of [Read More…]

Mercer Island School District Bans Playing Tag

…to protect the physical and emotional well-being of The Children[TM]. This is such an uber-Seattle thing to do.  Now they will be free to pursue a life of fragile orchidhood with their cell phones and their junk food and nobody will make them feel inadequate over their obesity, lack of muscle tone, and inability to [Read More…]

Trent Beattie, a Seattle local, points out that Seahawk Luke Wilson

…in addition to being a Cleat of Justice who will tread down the New England Cheaters like grass, drive them before us, hear the lamentation of their women, and dragoon their children into serving as janissaries to give our dirty feet tonguebaths as we sip Starbuck lattes lightly seasoned with the futile blood, sweat, and tears of [Read More…]

Seattle: Not Only is Our Team Vastly More Awesome Than Your Loser Team

…our dogs are way smarter and catch the bus to the dog park on their own. Seattle: Where Denying Our Insufferable Superiority Would be False Humility [Read more…]

What Degrading Slavery Looks Like

Seattle Bus Drivers Forced to Wear Diapers King County Metro had to replace 60(!) urine-soaked drivers seats in a year because drivers did not have time to use the restroom. Seattle has one of those progressive governments that deeply believes in making somebody else be socially responsible. [Read more…]