Seahawks Team Spirit

Here in the City of the Nice, we Seattleites–all greenies, liberals, earthy crunchies, feminists, recyclers, conscientious supporters of libraries, public radio, and separating paper and plastic, sentimental sobbers at gay weddings, thoughtful Starbuck’s consumers who listen to world music, post-Christian new agey people who wear crystals for “good energy”, jammie-clad metrosexuals who talk about health [Read More...]


Anybody who believes this cock and bull story from Officialdom deserves to perish in the incinerating death ray when the ancient alien war machine awakens to destroy Seattle. BREAKING: Steel Pipe Everyone Should Have Known About Is What’s Been Blocking Bertha Right.  And aliens in the secret lab at Area 51 are just the light [Read More...]

I desperately want…

for this thing to be an ancient alien war machine that will awaken and destroy Seattle. [Read more...]

Woo Hoo! Snow!

In Seattle!  At Christmastime!  There’s a half inch on the ground and it’s still coming down!  I love Seattle when it snows.  It’s like a princess in the old school fairy tales before Hollywood turned them all into ass-kicking feminist ninjas.  She just sits there, unbelievably beautiful and totally helpless, paralyzed and fainting.  An inch [Read More...]

Reader John Simmins Comes to Seattle…

…and captures this stunning shot of our gorgeous skyline: The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle! [Read more...]

Seattle: Epicenter of Leftist Pieties and Hypocrisy

Here is a classic Seattle Moment: The Seattle Public Library flings its arms wide for this sex-obsessed NAMBLA-endorsing perv with a gift of the gab. If this was a priest, Seattleites would be out in the streets with torches and gallons of fake dudgeon, screaming for blood out of fake concern for The Children. But [Read More...]

Why I Want the Right to Regain its Sanity

Here’s why. To successfully counter this Lefty idiocy: New Washington State Law Bans Words ‘Penmanship,’ ‘Freshman,’ ‘Fisherman’ as Sexist Person O person is my blue state crazy. You might even say it is personiacal about PC rubbish. Persony people will not be able to personage with these new rules and will have personufacture strategies to [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington!

Dear Chestertonians, We are happy to announce our final event of this season, this coming Thursday, May 2, at 7:30 PM at the UW Newman Center.  Dr. Steve Duncan of Bellevue College will be joining us to discuss “Having Faith in Reason.” Please see below for full details, as well as the Events Calendar at our website. [Read More...]

That Didn’t Take Long

The draconian punishments for not supporting gay “marriage” begin. Gay “marriage” is not about what people want to privately believe marriage means to them.  It is about bringing the armed might of the state to bear on punishing people who will not pretend that there is such thing as gay “marriage”.  It will create three [Read More...]

On the Mean Streets of Seattle…

the law is a paper tiger when it comes vicious gang mothers and their little angels in the savage competition for Easter eggs. [Read more...]