Yay! Happy News!

Speak of the devil, and there’s the flutter of angels’ wings.  I mention “Almost Live” in this space a couple of days ago.  Now, come to find out the gang that made it is is creating a new Seattle-based sketch comedy show called “The (206)” (that’s our area code, in case you want to know). [Read more...]

One of the Most Grievous Losses to Seattle Culture

…apart from the closure of Jones’ Fantastic Museum, was the cancellation of Almost Live.  Happily, it lives on thanks to Youtube: Bill Nye, before he became The Science Guy, was a Boeing engineer who did standup and, well, stuff like this for local TV. He did gigs at a comedy club that’s across the street [Read More...]

Hey Seattle! Messiah is Coming

A reader writes: Hi, Mark!  I was wondering if you could let your Seattle-area readers know about an opportunity this weekend to hear a holiday classic and support a really wonderful parish music program. Our Lady of Fatima in Magnolia will be performing Handel’s Messiah on Sunday, November 18 at 3:00pm.  We use period instruments [Read More...]

I bet *your* lame-o city…

…doesn’t have a team of superheros defending it! Another reason Seattle rocks. [Read more...]

This is So Intensely Seattle

[Read more...]

Washington Dems Secure the Demon-Possessed Demographic

JZ Knight, noted Ramtha Channeler and medium disgorges a profanity-laced rant against the Catholic Church worthy of Pazazu by way of support for the Democrats here in Washington State.  One gets the general impression from many Seattle area Democrats that it’s not so much the sentiments she expresses as the fact that she got caught expressing [Read More...]

Seattle: Land of Tolerance

Where a Christian theatre group is denounced by fact free Know Nothings of the Left and columnists, writing “something something Catholic Church something something old men something something pedophilia something something girl scouts something something reproductive rights” is answered by combox remarks like, “1.5 billion catholics worldwide? need some more ammo”. Is there anybody more [Read More...]

The War on Parking!!!

A reader writes: Long-time reader, second-time emailer here. I’m not asking you to post the following on your blog (though if you want to, I don’t object). I just need to vent, I can’t do so on Facebook (because of the monumental time-suck that would result), and I know that you’ll appreciate it. Here goes: [Read More...]

What a Loss

I think we can all agree to shed a tear. Chez Shea, au revoir! [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington!

Yr Obdt. Svt. will be speaking at St. Brendan Catholic Church 10100 NE 192nd Street Bothell Washington When? This Saturday April 28th @ 2:30 pm. Narthex Room What about? This is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence Don’t miss it if you can! Phone the neighbors and wake the kids. Mark your calendars! [Read More...]