Seattle: Land of Tolerance

Where a Christian theatre group is denounced by fact free Know Nothings of the Left and columnists, writing “something something Catholic Church something something old men something something pedophilia something something girl scouts something something reproductive rights” is answered by combox remarks like, “1.5 billion catholics worldwide? need some more ammo”. Is there anybody more [Read More...]

The War on Parking!!!

A reader writes: Long-time reader, second-time emailer here. I’m not asking you to post the following on your blog (though if you want to, I don’t object). I just need to vent, I can’t do so on Facebook (because of the monumental time-suck that would result), and I know that you’ll appreciate it. Here goes: [Read More...]

What a Loss

I think we can all agree to shed a tear. Chez Shea, au revoir! [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington!

Yr Obdt. Svt. will be speaking at St. Brendan Catholic Church 10100 NE 192nd Street Bothell Washington When? This Saturday April 28th @ 2:30 pm. Narthex Room What about? This is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence Don’t miss it if you can! Phone the neighbors and wake the kids. Mark your calendars! [Read More...]

Here in the Soviet of Washington…

the Seattle Times does what it can to gin up the mob into an anti-Catholic frenzy of wahoos ready, willing and able to thwack the Church for punching the state in the fist with her nose and slamming her groin into the state’s knee. Is there anything more courageous than a newspaper willing to bravely [Read More...]