Ran a brief note last week on contradictory atheist rhetorical strategies

Since then, atheists have shown up in droves to help fill the comboxes up with over 300 comments, making super clear that they are so *over* Him. Now they stay up till all hours watching the Oxygen Network and eating huge bowls of ice cream, not thinking about Him. Stay strong, bros! The thread has [Read More…]

Padding the Case for the Nu Atheism

Reader Delali Godwin Adadzie writes: Atheists in the popular Google+ group “THINKERS” say I am brainwashed by Westerners into believing that there is a god (ie. God). Atheists tell Africans and Asians that they are brainwashed by Westerners. They tell westerners that we are brainwashed by Africans (called Egyptians, such as Akhenaten) and Asians (such [Read More…]

Cosmos in the Lost on the “eclipse of science”…

during those terrible Middle Ages. It’s amazing how much intellect worshippers fail to *use* the object of their adoration when it comes to the regurgitation of memes that have been exploded countless times. The War of the Church against Science is, quite simply, a creation myth promulgated in order to shove the Catholic tradition out [Read More…]

Strange Notions is re-running a fine piece by atheist Tim O’Neill…

on the absolutely ignorant myth of the Dark Ages so beloved by atheists who worship, but almost never use, their intellects.  He is that rarest of phenomena, an internet atheist who is knowledgeable, honest and genuinely intelligent, as well as unafraid to treat of Christian history on its own terms and with some actual conversance [Read More…]

Postmodernity Often Mistakes Benefiting from Science for Knowing Something about It

Result: people who sign petitions to ban dihydrogen monoxide and expand abortion rights to the fourth trimester. It’s what comes of worshipping instead of using the intellect. [Read more…]

Mike Flynn Continues His Ongoing Campaign to Educate Us…

…about all this science stuff we thought we knew about, but really just parrot because some priestly figure in a lab coat told us so. Today, he points out that that not  one person in a thousand could actually explain how we know heliocentrism is true and could not, if our lives depended on it, [Read More…]

Atheists are Way Smarter Than the Common Herd

It’s a scientificalistically proven fact, if you are the sort of atheist who worships rather than uses the intellect. [Read more…]

Some atheist readers were offended…

…at my reader for noting that it was two Catholic women who came to the aid of Lee Rigby while a bunch of cowards stood around doing nothing and taking pictures on their cell cams. One of them does the standard sleight-of-hand trick of saying, in essence, “The murderers were Muslim, and by Muslim, I [Read More…]

Intellect Worship vs. Intellect Use

…is under discussion over at the Register too.  When people talk about the Church’s Centuries-Old War On Science and point to Galileo, ask “And who else?”  Always fun to watch the mouth open and close with no words coming out. [Read more…]

A Reader Asks About Arguing with Atheism

…over at the Register.  An atheist respondent replies that there are no arguments for atheism, notes that he has never heard of Thomas’ two arguments for atheism, and then appeals to babies being atheists as support for his position.  Not one of the finer moments from the Cult of Intellect Worship. Update: Whew. Commenter Michael over [Read More…]