Rationalist Pseudoknowledge, Myths, and Legends

One of the favorite tropes among those who worship, rather than use, the intellect is the Tragickal Historie of the Burnyng of the Librarie at Alexaundria by Ye Christian Mobbes. It is taken as a matter of settled fact that Christians are boobs who credit completely fictional legends fadged up centuries after the fact (such [Read More…]

Darwinism, the Religion of the New Atheists, is All About Reproduction

One of the more ironic mysteries of the atheist subculture is how it tends to attract an overwhelming number of guys who are way out at the end of the “unlikely to reproduce” end of the bell curve. If those guys used instead of worshipped their intellects, they might wonder why that is, or whether [Read More…]

South African Chris Shepherd…

argues about the American elections, talks about the badassest miracles, and persuades me that his brother is cuter than mine (though not cuter than the mega super cuteness of The Cuteness) all from a Catholic perspective. Check thou him out! By the way, I was highly amused by Chris’ find of this Totally Scientific Chart Thingie [Read More…]

Marc Barnes…

…deals with yet another New Atheist whose worship of his own intellect is in vast disproportion to his almost non-existent use of that intellect.  Funny, patient stuff. Seriously, what strikes me again and again about Internet Atheist culture is how, well, dumb these guys are who constantly trumpet their immense intellectual superiority.  They can’t even [Read More…]

Ed Feser Notes Something I’ve Noticed Too

Namely, that an awful lot of atheist rhetoric is just sort of Protestant rhetoric on steroids. An interesting discussion follows in which he traces his reasons for abandoning atheistic materialism and returning to theism and the Catholic Faith. What is remarkable here, in contrast to so much of the rhetoric of the New Atheists is [Read More…]

Failure to grasp the concept

An agnostic writes over on Ed Feser’s blog to persuade us all of the following: Neuroscience has firmly established that there is no free will, that every thought and feeling we have is determined by physical, neurological processes completely outside of our control. We cannot stop the way that our neurons form, arrange, and fire [Read More…]