Dear Sirius XM

Never leave a job half finished. [Read more…]

Man issues global call…

for wait staff to spit in his food before serving it to him. [Read more…]

Dear Atheists…

This is why normal people hate you.  When your hatred of Christians turns you into the rigid, inhuman dogmatist who tramples on grieving families–you know, the sort of person that you claim to oppose–you are doing it wrong. [Read more…]

How To Radically Reduce Your Lifespan as a Comboxer

Me: Let’s talk about Cosmos‘ lousy history of the relationship of the Church and Science Jerk: SEX ABUSE SCANDAL! Me: Stick to the subject Jerk: I AM BEING SILENCED! Me: You’re welcome to comment as long as you stick to the subject. Jerk: HELP!  HELP!  I’M BEING REPRESSED!  NOW WE SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN [Read More…]


Setting the cause of feminism back a thousand years. [Read more…]

What’s the Dark Enlightenment?

Basically, it’s a de-Christianized form of right wingery that is drinking deep of white supremacy and racialism. Sometimes, it appeals to something called “Western” Christianity, but this is basically a fig leaf for getting discernment-free conservatives to jettison actual Christian teaching in favor of nutty white supremacy by rhetoric about how Euro-superiority makes it plain [Read More…]

How Not to Win Hearts and Minds

So here’s the thing: I basically agree with the Church (and most humans in human history) that the optimal environment in which a child should be raised is in family with a father and a mother bound together in the covenant of marriage. The way not to persuade me to change my mind is write me [Read More…]

People I can do without, who never would be missed

People who email me crap like this, for instance: Pathological altruism* probably occurs more in white females, as autism occurs more in white males.  Nonetheless, I’ve noticed for a long time many religious fundamentalist males tend to be beta male pathological altruists.  You can just tell by looking at them; they have that effeminate, dopey [Read More…]


Terrorist jerk too much of  a jerk even for terrorists. I find stories like this hilarious.  More like this guy, please. By the way, if you have not seen “Four Lions”, it is well worth seeing.  Be advised: R rating.  Like “Dr. Strangelove” the creator of the film set out to write a gritty drama [Read More…]

A group I shall not name

…plans to protest and gloat in Newtown. Since they have announced their intention publicly, they should now be jailed for incitement to riot. Be leisurely about obtaining a hearing date (a year sounds good). Set bail at 1 Billion dollars. Grant them no interviews, arrest anybody associated with them who attempts a public statement of [Read More…]