Reactionaries Definitely Past Sell By Date

Pope Blasts Reactionary Jerks for Jesus who Busted up Kristallnacht Commemoration in Buenos Aires The pope knows perfectly well that when you scratch a Reactionary, you find a Jew-hating nutjob like the fanatics shouting “Hail Mary” in the same tone (and with the same intent) as their fathers and mothers shouted “Sieg Heil!’ after an [Read More…]

Ignorant Armies Clash by Night

So some hyper politicized right wing culture warriors in some little Indiana church decide to draft their four year old kid as a child soldier. They press him into singing some ditty about “no homos go to heaven”, never stopping to ask themselves why, in the name of sanit,y a kid that young should be [Read More…]

Jerks for Jesus

Latest edition: Some wahoo pastor wants a concentration camp for gays. Apparently, he’s a kinder, gentler sort. No ovens or gas chambers. Just airlift them food, put an electric fence around them, and let them die off from old age and (obviously) without issue. Charming. Perhaps he and Sungenis can collaborate on some sort of [Read More…]