Scratch a Reactionary, Find a Jew-Hater

Fresh from the spectacle of screaming their way through a Kristallnacht commemoration in Buenos Aires, the Reactionaries again hold a teapot tempestfest by freaking out over this passage from Evangelii Gaudium: “We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked”. Evangelii Gaudium n. 247 With that, a [Read More…]

Reactionaries aren’t Jew-Hating Weirdos or Anything

A reader responds to my link on the Jewish mom who got 3228 Jews out of Syria as any normal person would: Just curious to know. Are you a cryto jew ? Just asking after reading through your blog, and your bias against Church History and using terminology that contradicts etc… Yes.  Yes I am. [Read More…]

Because a fair number of Jew-hating bigots have been in my comboxes recently

…acclaiming and excusing somebody who declares to be a heretic any Catholic who denies that the covenant with Moses has been “revoked” (and who also informs us that Jews are godless racists who want to rule the world and that the Holocaust was that period when Jews turned the Germans because they got a better [Read More…]

What Anti-Semitism Problem in Traddery?

Simcha Fisher really sums up what happened in the shocking circus that erupted in her comboxes yesterday: If I could just briefly recap what happened in my combox today: I wrote an article saying, “You know, when you go around smearing poop on your head all the time, you smell bad.” 150 commenters then eagerly [Read More…]

God bless Simcha Fisher

This about sums it up: Holocaust deniers are all either morons, or mentally ill, or evil. All of them. It’s one of those things for which there is no excuse — one of those things from which sane and decent people run away screaming, without stopping to stroke their chins and saying, “Hm, yes, hm, [Read More…]

Dawn Eden Speaks Sanity

As she writes of, “An evil not even tolerated among the pagans” She warns: I would like to continue to urge other concerned lovers of the Extraordinary Form (traditional Latin) Mass to speak out so that the world does not judge us by those who spew hatred against Judaism and the Jewish people. In that, [Read More…]