Rebecca Bratten Weiss is simply right

Catholics must denounce the anti-semitism of the alt Right. It is poison and we who know where that can lead will be judged, if it were possible, even more harshly than the people who did not foresee what would come of the rise of Hitler. [Read more…]

I look forward to the day some Jew-hating nut

puts (((Shea))) in triple parentheses. This is what Trumpkins fight for and love. Meanwhile, the Holy Catholic Church condemns such filth as “foreign to the mind of Christ.” If you are not against it, you are for it. [Read more…]

Bill Doino, Jr. on the Road to Nostra Aetate

A quick history of how we got from a long legacy of Catholic/Jewish hostility to the landmark document that everybody but a tiny minority of anti-semitic Reactionary kooks knows was a good idea. [Read more…]

Interesting Piece on Francis and Pius XII

Here: “On an even more sensitive front, Francis has tipped his hand with a strong defense of the debated record of Pope Pius XII…”–good to see an article on this subject get that right, along with encouraging words about the strengthening of Jewish-Catholic relations–Francis has made at least a half a dozen statements praising Pius [Read More…]

A new film about the Jews whom the Vatican hid…

…in cloisters during WWII.  Cuz Pius was totally “Hitler’s Pope” and stuff. [Read more…]

Can Christians Honor Jewish Customs?

Every year people come into the Church from all sorts of backgrounds and the Church, being Catholic and all, welcomes them into the Big Block Party of Cultures and Ethnicities that is the Church and does all she can to honor the wild mixture of peoples who call themselves “Catholic”.  The Church is big on [Read More…]

Why Should a Jew Care Whether Christianity Lives or Dies?

David Gerlernter answers the question succinctly. [Read more…]

Bill Doino on Pius XII and the Jews

He writes: In the new issue of Nuovo Storia Contemporanea-one of Italy’s leading journals–see link below–Antonello Carvigiani has an important essay on the latest research regarding Pius XII’s orders to rescue endangered Jews, during the German occupation of Rome– an English-language summary of it is below the first link. Pius XII Helped the Jews [Read More…]

More White Evangelicals than American Jews…

…say God gave the state of Israel to the Jewish people. This is where it pays to have a Magisterium. The state of Israel is a secular nation state like America, France, or Australia. It has the same rights and privileges as any secular nation state. But apart from Evangelical superstition and a lousy misreading [Read More…]

Another Rock Solid Endorsement for “The Principle”

Reader Jim Condit, Jr writes in my comboxes: What are these panicked attacks on The Principle Movie? If it is that absurd, it will fall on its own. The Trailer (we use to call it a preview!) looks great, and it looks like a thought-provoking movie. Don’t most people need to consider that the earth [Read More…]