More White Evangelicals than American Jews…

…say God gave the state of Israel to the Jewish people. This is where it pays to have a Magisterium. The state of Israel is a secular nation state like America, France, or Australia. It has the same rights and privileges as any secular nation state. But apart from Evangelical superstition and a lousy misreading [Read More...]

Another Rock Solid Endorsement for “The Principle”

Reader Jim Condit, Jr writes in my comboxes: What are these panicked attacks on The Principle Movie? If it is that absurd, it will fall on its own. The Trailer (we use to call it a preview!) looks great, and it looks like a thought-provoking movie. Don’t most people need to consider that the earth [Read More...]

Given that History, While Not Repeating Itself, Often Rhymes…

…it may be handy for us to look at the lessons of the Danes who saved Jews during the Shoah. [Read more...]

Finally! An Actual Jewish Conspiracy!

Jewish mom rescues 3228 Jews from Syria. She probably baked them something nice too.  An especially cunning people, them Jewish moms. [Read more...]

Atheists Continue to Behave Like Napoleon Dynamite with a Mean Streak

Demand Star of David be struck off Holocaust memorial. Because Hitler killed six million people due to his distaste for their bagels and cream cheese. It’s not that evangelical atheists who back stuff like this are anti-semites, I think. It’s that they are tone deaf, socially maladroit enemies of the entire human race. It’s a [Read More...]

William Doino has an interesting piece up at First Things

Yad Vashem Honors Cardinal Who Fought for Jewish Lives [Read more...]

German Court Continues Previous Government Policy…

…of making Deutschland Judenrein. Note that it is the Improvers of Mankind and the Forward Thinking Progressives who are all about this continuation of National Socialist thinking. Here’s a recent charming image from an enlightened and progressive San Francisco group, for instance: Christians, of course, understand that under the new covenant, there is no religious [Read More...]


changes their name to ChurchMilitantTV I wish I could say I thought this was primarily an act of obedience to the bishop of Detroit, but since Michael Voris made it clear he had no intention of obeying the bishop and said “Hey! I just work here” while trying to defer it to Marc Brammer and [Read More...]

Good for Paul Zummo and the American Catholic blog!

They forthrightly call out Michael Voris on his dangerous and poisonous attempt to mainstream business associate E. Michael Jones’ anti-semitic toxins and sell it as “Traditional Catholicism”. Good discussion ensues in the comboxes as some folk try to defend the indefensible and sane people counter them. Catholics have, in my view, a solemn obligation in charity [Read More...]

Since various people have shown up in the comboxes

…attempting to play the “Gosh!  Who even knows *what* anti-semitism even *is* anyway!” game, I have expanded my post on Voris’ attempt to mainstream E. Michael Jones toxic kookery with some documentation of what I am talking about.  Other comboxers are also now chiming in with their own documentation as well. To wit: In light [Read More...]