Andrew Sullivan Discovers Jolly Pride

No. Really. Write about it as a joke yesterday, find it taken seriously today. I am no longer Jolly, however, since I have lost 80 pounds and undergone Slender Identity Reassignment. [Read more…]

I hate being right all the time

Salon wrings its hands about anti-obesity as the new homophobia. I’m way ahead of you Mr. Campos. There is absolutely nothing we can do about our appetites but demand that everybody else celebrate them. Jolly Pride today! Jolly Pride tomorrow. Jolly Pride forever! Of course, since I lost 80 lbs, I have undergone Slender Identity [Read More…]

Postmodernity: Constantly Inventing Ways to Make Satire Obsolete

The Jolly Pride movement gets larger than ever as a burgeoning battalion of female Stuart Smalleys demand everybody affirm them in their okayness. No. Disordered appetites do not make one a worse sinner than anybody else (said the man who knows rather a lot about disordered appetites from personal experience.) But only postmodernity has invented [Read More…]

Shattering Revelation Shakes Christianity to Its Very Foundations!!!!!!

…at least, according to the MSM, yet again. Turns out that a dubious scrap of paper the size of a business card–the provenance of which is uncertain, obtained from a guy hungry for cash, by a scholar hungry for publicity, and trumpeted by a media hungry to sell beer and shampoo–has a sentence fragment that [Read More…]

It’s a hard time for us satirists

You come up with something you think is ridiculously over the top to illustrate a point… and then somebody says it in earnest. Happily, I am no longer heading the Jolly Pride movement. Having lost 75 lbs. I have discovered my true identity as a member of the Trans-Fatty Community and am currently undergoing Slender [Read More…]

These Are Hard Times for Satirists

You try your best to be absurd in order to get a point across and then somebody comes along and repeats all your ridiculous humor in red-faced, spittle-flecked earnest: “These findings do not sit well with all obese Americans. Advocacy groups formed to “end size discrimination” argue that it is possible to be healthy “at [Read More…]