Charles Camosy on Pope Francis on Climate Change

Interestingly, Francis denies that the problem is due to overpopulation. That may have something to do with the fact that countries fanatical about contracepting and aborting are the ones pumping the most carbon into the atmosphere while telling nations of people with brown skin, “Just enough of me, way too much of you.” Curious how [Read More…]

FOX Guest Says Minimum Wage Earners…

…should not be allowed to have children. Evil. Just plain evil. [Read more…]

Being a White First World Population Planner…

…shoveling brown Third Worlders around like concrete and culling their herd on the principle “Just enough of me, way too much of you!” means never having to say you’re sorry, no matter how massively and obviously wrong you’ve been. [Read more…]

From the Front Lines of the War on the Weak

California forcibly and illegally sterilizes a bunch of women. Margaret Sanger’s term for such women was “human weeds”. Our culture will come up with a nicer term like “reproductively challenged”. But the bottom line is that our Ruling Class has no problem with mutilating and sterilizing the poor and an awful lot of Americans will [Read More…]

Rich Guy Shells out Big Bucks to Cull Herd

So what else is new? What amazes me is finding the occasional rich guy who *isn’t* intensely interested in killing poor people and their children. [Read more…]

David Warren on the Blessed Poor

…and the Rich Western Sterilizers and Murderers who see in them only a herd to be culled. [Read more…]

Andrew Cuomo’s Dream Realized

More black children aborted than born in New York. [Read more…]

Like Black and White

On the one hand, Evil Liberal Al Gore wants to institute “fertility management” against the poor, as rich people so often do. On the other hand, Good Libertarian Rand Paul wants to institute fertility management against the poor, as rich people so often do. The reason Gore is evil is because he wants to do [Read More…]

Al Gore Christens New Term for Pushing the Poor Around While Pretending He is Socially Responsible

“Fertility Management” = “Just enough of me, way too many of you.” Oh, and doncha know, it’s super duper necessary because the god Global Warming demands that the poor be sacrificed to her. She never demands that massive over-consumers like Gore go live in a tarpaper shack in Montana or sell off his massive assets. [Read More…]

The House Always Wins

People who are suckers for gambling have the irrational belief that lotteries, casinos and similar enterprises dedicated to harvesting money from suckers and gambling addicts are in business for their health.  They aren’t.  They are designed and built to make money and they do so in prodigious quantities.  That means that their “generosity” is always [Read More…]