Rich White Guy to Poor Darker Skinned People…

“Just Enough of Me.  Way Too Much of You.” The first and last instinct of the richest people is to cull the herd of the rest of us. [Read more...]

Josiah Neeley on Malthus at the Movies

Discussing why it is the manufacturers of culture keep on repeating failed and disproven tropes about overpopulation doomsdays. [Read more...]

Just enough of us. Way too many of you poor, dark-skinned people

Well-heeled social planners send that message as they have for decades. A reader writes: I just scanned the latest need-more-abortion study . I thought you could provide some great insight if you had some time. For example, I had to shake my head in disgust when I read this line: “Low-income and minority women are [Read More...]

State of California Spays Human Herd

Fortunately, it was just subhuman female prisoners who were forcibly sterilized so no big deal.  The State will never, of course, start telling citizens who does and does not get to breed or forcibly arrest and sterilize Catholics and other undesirables.  And if it does, hey!  It’s just Catholics.  They have it coming.  The less [Read More...]

Obama to Africa

“I get air conditioning.  You don’t.” or, being translated, “Just enough of me, way too much of you.” [Read more...]

Rich to poor: Just Enough of Me. Way Too Much of You and Your Filthy Kids

Catholic World Report Blog Rich women to poor: pregnancy is unnatural; abortion and contraceptives are great That’s my next-door neighbor Melinda Gates, living out that Seattle Catholic tradition of first rate catechesis and moral by helping the poor kill their kids for a better tomorrow.  I’m thinking maybe I should walk over, ask to borrow [Read More...]

Rich, Powerful Twit Declares…

“Just enough of me; way too much of you.” Comparing human beings to bacteria, viruses, diseases and plagues has a rich and storied heritage. [Read more...]

African Woman to Rich Busybody Named Melinda Gates

Stop trying to get me to kill my children and start helping me create a life for them. Why is the message of the rich first world to the poor third world never, “Let me help you” and always, “Just enough of me, way too much of you”? Here is what Africans need, if you [Read More...]