Ran a brief note last week on contradictory atheist rhetorical strategies

Since then, atheists have shown up in droves to help fill the comboxes up with over 300 comments, making super clear that they are so *over* Him. Now they stay up till all hours watching the Oxygen Network and eating huge bowls of ice cream, not thinking about Him. Stay strong, bros! The thread has [Read More…]

Brights: Our Moral and Intellectual Superiors!

Richard Dawkins thinks children should be taken away from religious parents by the state wants to banish fairy stories, but he’s just fine with “mild pedophilia”. The more he opens his mouth, the more I agree with Vox Day that he and the people who regard him as a guiding light give every indication that [Read More…]

The League of Dwight K Schrute Internet Atheism

So on March 14, some internet atheist I’d never heard of decided to rake me over the coals for liking Francis, Argentinian History’s Greatest Monster. Only problem: in his malice, the atheist blogger just ran with whatever crap he could without finding out if it was, you know, true. I then pointed out that the [Read More…]