Tolkien and Lewis and Disney

Or, more precisely, Tolkien and Lewis vs. Disney. In a 1939 letter to his friend A.K. Hamilton, Lewis wrote of Snow White (and Disney himself): Dwarfs ought to be ugly of course, but not in that way. And the dwarfs’ jazz party was pretty bad. I suppose it never occurred to the poor boob that [Read More…]

If Soliloquium Were Casting That Hideous Strength

…you’d get this cast. I’m down with these choices except for Maggie Smith as Fairy Hardcastle. It should be Pam Ferris (Miss Trunchbull from Matilda) or Kathy Bates. Somebody big and burly. What? You’ve not read That Hideous Strength?  Well, first you need to read Out of the Silent Planet and then Perelandra.  All great [Read More…]

There was a real Lucy of Narnia!

No. Really! How cool is that? [Read more…]

Lewis, Tolkien, and the Found Generation

An interesting piece in Forbes on how the Inklings managed to transform the trauma they suffered in WWI into something redemptive, healing, and sustaining for the generations following them: The lost generation dragged high culture down into nihilism and low culture into decadence, but the Found Generation founded a counter-counter-culture. The novels of Tolkien, and [Read More…]

Eyes on the Prize, Christians!

[Read more…]

C.S. Lewis: Secret Agent

A hitherto unknown chapter in Lewis’ life: when he served as a literary James Bond for His Majesty’s Secret Service. [Read more…]

Interesting Look at C.S. Lewis’ Roller Coaster Relationship

…with poet Roy Campbell–by Joseph Pearce. [Read more…]

A good piece on the Inklings in the Chronicle of Higher Education

here. It is an interest fact that great intellectual and cultural movements often began with bands of people united by the particular form of love called friendship. The Inklings are one such movement. The English Romantics another. Dominic and Francis are another. And the most revolutionary and (at the very least) culture-building band of friends [Read More…]

The 20th Century was about atomic power

The 21st Century will be about editing the genome: CRISPR, a new genome editing tool, could transform the field of biology—and a recent study on genetically-engineered human embryos has converted this promise into media hype. But scientists have been tinkering with genomes for decades. Why is CRISPR suddenly such a big deal? The short answer is that [Read More…]

Sherry Weddell’s Follow-up Remarks on the Pew Study Results

All I can say is “Amen and Amen”: I have spent years listening to Catholics talk hopefully (or gleefully!) of certain groups of Catholics – whose theological or liturgical leanings they fear and despise – leaving the Church. Now, in light of the release yesterday of the grim Pew statistics, I am being asked by [Read More…]