Up till now the only rhetorical tools of the Party of Trump…

…have been the Genetic Fallacy (“What?  You believe that extremely well-documented fact?  But its reported by somebody the Dear Leader declares to be ritually impure!”) and the “Tu Quoque” (“But Hillary/Obama/some other Culture War enemy did it too, or something that is kind of like it if you stand on one foot, tilt your head [Read More…]

Some final lies in the last few hours

…from a campaign built on lies: Tappert can’t even keep a straight face. There was no assassination attempt. Meanwhile, Christians tell me that Conway is a Christian and therefore AOK. The conscious embrace of the Noble Lie by Liars for Jesus is one of the stupidest choices conservative Christians have made in the past five [Read More…]

God does not need your lie

Some people, who think themselves wiser than the Church, invent lies and put them on the lips of saints in order to strong arm innocent Catholics into knuckling under to their personal fetishes.  One of those lies is this: Yeah.  Here’s the thing.  She never said that.  In fact, here’s how much she never said [Read More…]

Liars for Jesus denounced

The jig is up for Bob Sungenis and Rick Delano as a whole bunch more of the scientists they lied into participating in their quack geocentrism movie join Lawrence Krauss and Kate Mulgrew in denouncing them for the misrepresenting frauds they are. I wonder if the backers of this fraudulent project are going to demand [Read More…]

Liars for Jesus, Part Deux

The sheer quantity of baloney coming from the Makers of “The Principle” continues to multiply exponentially. Raw Story got in contact with Rick Delano, “who said the film is not about geocentrism. Rather, it questions the Copernican Principle . . .” Mhm. And DeLano also says any film about the Copernican Principle that does not involve an [Read More…]

Liars for Jesus

While Catholics labor to bear honest witness to the Faith, Bob Sungenis and Rick Delano have managed to take their lunatic boutique obsession with geocentric idiocy and create a national splash of scorn for the Church by the venerable technique of Lying for Jesus. First, Lawrence Krauss makes it clear that he has no idea [Read More…]

Another Triumph for Liars for the Greater Good

Hadn’t heard about fact that “the CIA …carried out sham vaccinations in order to get DNA samples and locate bin Laden’s family in Pakistan.  By exploiting the trust we have in doctors, even just this once, even intending not to get caught, the CIA broke the system, and now, 160,000 children are not being vaccinated for [Read More…]

No. Really. The Logic is Quite Easy to Follow

God is truth. Lying is opposed to truth. Therefore, lying is opposed to God. That’s why lying, by its very nature, is to be condemned. Honest. Augustine says that too. And Aquinas leaves no loopholes whatsoever. Though he is certainly sensible enough to know that lying is not always a mortal sin, he is not [Read More…]

Excellent work!

Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology student Humberto Lopez ponders the question of Live Action and Fraternal Charity It takes me a while but I think I’m able to articulate at least part of the confusion that inevitably arises when it comes to the strategy of lying to PP. When defenders talk about lying to [Read More…]

The delightfully subversive Andrew Klavan…

offers a paean of praise to murdering little girls. Jonathan Swift would be proud. But Mark!  You’ve criticized Live Action for attacking PP killing little girls!  You’ve said you can understand why somebody like Ron Paul would vote against an anti-gendercide bill. Yes.  It’s true.  I do not live in a Manichaean mental universe.  This [Read More…]