Tormented rationalizations for lying…

…are liable to lash out and punch you in unexpected places. So, for instance, those who argue that since killing is permitted in war, lying to Planned Parenthood is permitted don’t seem to realize that the logic goes in a very unpleasant direction. Namely, if it’s okay to lie to your enemies because this is [Read More...]

Lying for Jesus: A Faustian Bargain

When I criticize Live Action for lying to Planned Parenthood, I can typically be guaranteed that I will hear that I am a) secretly supportive of Planned Parenthood because I am criticizing Catholic Folk Heros who have saved more lives with a single video than I have in my whole worthless life and/or b) I [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus

…is back in the game. The result will be the same as last time: a cheap short-term gain as prolifers feel a thrill over embarrassing Murder Inc. followed by the damage done, first to Christians who embrace lying for Jesus, and second by a public relations windfall for Murder Inc., who can rightly say that [Read More...]

Pelosi Demonstrates, Yet Again, that Her Faith

…is not the Catholic Faith. Sorry, Nancy, but the Catholic faith is not esoteric. It is not “whatever I feel deeply in my heart”. It is the faith once given to the apostles and handed down to us through the Holy Catholic Church. Here is what your faith *actually* teaches about marriage: 1601 “The matrimonial [Read More...]