Libertarianism is not Compatible with the Catholic Faith

Here’s a nice piece explaining why. Libertarianism’s highest good is the personal autonomy of the atomized individual. The highest good of the Faith is union with God the Blessed Trinity in love and love of one’s neighbor as oneself. In Libertarianism as it is lived out on the ground, one can season one’s worship of [Read More...]

Burning Man for Libertarians

Guns, drugs, and partial nudity Fest for people with a philosophy that does not include children. [Read more...]

A Libertarian has a Question

Do you agree or disagree with this statement: The Catholic Church can best evangelize the culture when the State is small and less interfering, than a State that is large and more interfering.” On the whole, I find it easier to evangelize in the US than in a libertarian paradise like Somalia or Haiti. The [Read More...]

Dear Crisis Magazine….

You recently published Joe Hargrave’s defense of the proposition that Libertarianism is not heretical: Here’s some Libertarian thought from Libertarian thinker Murray Rothbard (the guy Libertarians routinely refer us to as the “sane” alternative to Enemy of God Ayn Rand): The Catholic anti-abortionist, for example, declares that all he wants for the fetus is the [Read More...]