Burning Man for Libertarians

Guns, drugs, and partial nudity Fest for people with a philosophy that does not include children. [Read more...]

A Libertarian has a Question

Do you agree or disagree with this statement: The Catholic Church can best evangelize the culture when the State is small and less interfering, than a State that is large and more interfering.” On the whole, I find it easier to evangelize in the US than in a libertarian paradise like Somalia or Haiti. The [Read More...]

Dear Crisis Magazine….

You recently published Joe Hargrave’s defense of the proposition that Libertarianism is not heretical: Here’s some Libertarian thought from Libertarian thinker Murray Rothbard (the guy Libertarians routinely refer us to as the “sane” alternative to Enemy of God Ayn Rand): The Catholic anti-abortionist, for example, declares that all he wants for the fetus is the [Read More...]