As we all learned from the defenders of lying…

…if undercover cops do it, that means it is virtuous and only a Pharisee would question it. [Read more...]

Gay Agitprop…

…is a huge tissue of lies that get repeated because they are useful lies. In addition to concocting hoaxes in which gay people say horrible things about themselves in order to elicit sympathy for themselves and focus public hatred on non-existent people or viciously maligned innocents, the other curious habit of gay agitprop masters is [Read More...]

Turns out There are Professional Liars

No. Seriously. A reader writes: When the going gets weird the liars turn pro. What do you make of the observation that US professional lying is more rare than in Europe or Japan? Um, hard to say. Could be true. Could be that Americans are bigger liars than Europeans and Japanese and don’t want to [Read More...]

Strange Denouement to a Prayer Request

A reader writes: Thanks for sharing my prayer request last week. I emailed you about my friend who suffered an injury that led to memory problems. Well, I have an update, but first, here’s more of the story. My friend was a member of a Catholic facebook group. In this group, we’d crack jokes, engage [Read More...]

The Abortion Lobby Begins Operation Sanitize

Reader Lint Hatcher remarks on the transparent lies of Murder Inc. and its associates in the wake of Gosnell: Here are the revised pro-choice Emergency Guidelines regarding the Gosnell murder and infanticide conviction: 1) Distance the Cause from Gosnell by labeling him a “back alley abortionist,” despite the fact that he was a licensed doctor [Read More...]

It’s hard not to like crusty old geezer Fred Reed

Here he is, holding forth on the massive return on investments a couple of losers with pressure cookers get for jihad as our hysterical police state swings into overblown and hysterical police state action to “protect” us. We look more and more like Gulliver among the Lilliputians as we react like a big dumb giant [Read More...]

Why Won’t They Cover Gosnell?

The very clear-headed and plain-spoken Amy Welborn tells you why. [Read more...]

The trick to navigating our media…

…is to know what they are going to lie to you about. Generally speaking, the MSM will lie through their teeth about abortion. Meanwhile, media in the service of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism lie through their teeth about Bush/Cheney war crimes and long for the day when we can get back to [Read More...]

It was for this WaPo article…

…that the term “bullshit” was coined. Meanwhile, from deep inside Fortress Bullshit, the MSM fires back with grotesque claims that Gosnell is a local crime and not a national story and that those who are pointing out their grotesque malfeasance are anti-semites (the last refuge of the desperate demagogue). Two words: Trayvon Martin.  These people [Read More...]