Golly. Somebody lied and went “undercover” to a bunch of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

…to “expose” them on behalf of the pro-aborts. Who could possibly have predicted that? She says she was doing it for the Greater Good. I could swear I’ve heard that before. Sure, but everybody knows she lied so she obviously can’t be trusted, right? Yeah. How about that? Liars can’t be trusted. Or so it [Read More...]

“Wolf Hall” looks like a lying piece of anti-Catholic agitprop

My friend Greg Wolfe does the autopsy. Critics have pointed out that the author’s liberties with the historical record demonstrate a clear ideological bias. [Hilary] Mantel was raised Catholic but is now a vocal critic of that church, which she has said “is not an institution for respectable people.” Historians debate over ‘Wolf Hall’ Questions about “Wolf [Read More...]

It’s a good thing we nailed the real culprit

[Read more...]

Today’s Desperate Lies from Torture Defenders

In the ongoing effort of “prolife” Torture Defenders to ignore the fact that, among other things, we anally raped, froze to death, beat, stood on the broken legs of, and threatened to murder the wives and children of prisoners, said defenders insist on perseverating over the now dead as a doornail question: “Waterboarding: Is it [Read More...]

You Shall Not Do Evil That Good May Come of It

Medill Innocence Project railroaded Alstory Simon into prison for 15 years with lies and deception in their zeal to end the death penalty. The ray of light in this story is Bob Braun, the prolife activist who stuck with Simon through thick and thin. That is being fully prolife. [Read more...]

NOW Prez: Abortion prevents infant mortality

No. She really said that. In other news, black is white, freedom is slavery, lies are truth, and Lee Harvey Oswald prevented JFK’s death from Alzheimer’s. [Read more...]

As we all learned from the defenders of lying…

…if undercover cops do it, that means it is virtuous and only a Pharisee would question it. [Read more...]

Gay Agitprop…

…is a huge tissue of lies that get repeated because they are useful lies. In addition to concocting hoaxes in which gay people say horrible things about themselves in order to elicit sympathy for themselves and focus public hatred on non-existent people or viciously maligned innocents, the other curious habit of gay agitprop masters is [Read More...]

Turns out There are Professional Liars

No. Seriously. A reader writes: When the going gets weird the liars turn pro. What do you make of the observation that US professional lying is more rare than in Europe or Japan? Um, hard to say. Could be true. Could be that Americans are bigger liars than Europeans and Japanese and don’t want to [Read More...]

Strange Denouement to a Prayer Request

A reader writes: Thanks for sharing my prayer request last week. I emailed you about my friend who suffered an injury that led to memory problems. Well, I have an update, but first, here’s more of the story. My friend was a member of a Catholic facebook group. In this group, we’d crack jokes, engage [Read More...]