A common lying meme

Here is how this lie works. The people on the right have no control over the salary of the guy on the left. None. The man’s employer controls that. Likewise, the employer of the people on the right controls their salaries too. If they do not have a living wage, the obvious thing to do [Read More…]

Watching a Rumor Solidify into a Lie…

and then become a “fact” for Trumpian consumer of fake news. March 7: Liesite News publishes a piece titled “Italian archbishop: Pope Benedict retired due to ‘tremendous pressure’“. In it, a retired Italian archbishop trades in the baseless claim that, despite his flat denial to the contrary, Benedict was forced from office by pressure from [Read More…]

Idag är jag en Svensk

As a nation only just recovering from the horrors of Bowling Green, I reach across the ocean in friendship and sympathy for those guys at that thing, that terrible terrorist thing, that happened, sometime or other, somewhere or other in Sweden Friday night. Of course, there was also a real terrorist attack, by the neo-nazis [Read More…]

How the Madness of the Trump Cult

…lies to itself and is spiraling toward catastrophe (emphatically Not Safe for Work): It is mind-boggling that followers of the Way, the Truth, and the Life are the loudest exponents of the People of the Lie who now run the White House and the GOP. And the fact that the President of the United States [Read More…]

Ideology Kills

Here’s the deal: The same girl is held by different people because she got handed off a couple of times by rescuers. The people who make memes like the one above are *lying* without any regard to the welfare of this child because their ideology means more to them than the murder of children. [Read more…]

So far Trump is stabbing many of the right people in the back

Then: I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper. http://t.co/l7nq8gN7i5 — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) August 16, 2015 Now: What’s especially impressive is the purity of her Party of Personal Responsibility fecklessness.  Here is a woman who literally place Trump in the role of God Almighty, writing [Read More…]

Michael Hayden has Sean Hannity and FOX pegged

Ouch: “Sean Hannity has entered the pantheon of a true propagandist. His behavior reminds me of a conversation I had with a [Soviet] political officer in the mid-1980s when I was an air attaché to Bulgaria. I asked this officer what truth was to him. He responded without hesitation, ‘Truth is what serves the party.’” [Read More…]

James O’Keefe is on the Trump Foundation Payroll

Golly, what a shock. [Read more…]

Planned Parenthood Apologist: Selling Baby Parts Just Like Donating Blood

No.  Really. I don’t remember them crushing my skull and abdomen last time I was at Puget Sound Blood Center but you can be damn sure I will check over the fine print on the procedures before I donate again. [Read more…]

Golly. Somebody lied and went “undercover” to a bunch of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

…to “expose” them on behalf of the pro-aborts. Who could possibly have predicted that? She says she was doing it for the Greater Good. I could swear I’ve heard that before. Sure, but everybody knows she lied so she obviously can’t be trusted, right? Yeah. How about that? Liars can’t be trusted. Or so it [Read More…]