We now live in a country where the President of the United States…

…forbids media from recording answers to questions directed at the Press Secretary. This is Soviet tyranny. And the lunatics most vocal about supporting this lying, corrupt, incompetent crook are Good Prolife Conservative Christian Trump supporters, who will happily burn the Constitution and destroy the foundation of Republic in their fanatical belief that everything–including annihilating freedom [Read More…]

Every day for the next four years

Each day Trump provides his Christian supporters with a chance to repent their inexcusable defenses of all the lies, corruption, and incompetence and every day, instead of defending the unborn or the gospel they say is the #1 priority, they defend him instead.  And their only defense is “But Hillary!” Hillary lost.  Move on.  You [Read More…]

ICE is now going after Iraqi Christians in Detroit

Today’s thing for “prolife” Christian Trump defenders to defend instead of the unborn or the gospel. It was all fine when the targets religious oppression were Muslims.  You guys could talk about Trump the preposterous “champion of religious liberty”.  But now he’s going after Catholics.  What will you do?  Swallow it and go on fawning [Read More…]

In other words, the GOP favors Death Panels

Punishing the weak is what the Party of Trump is all about.  And they sell it by persuading their base of cruel, selfish people that their victims will be people weaker, poorer, and darker than themselves. LBJ had it nailed 50 years ago: If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the [Read More…]

Trump-defending Francis Haters Achieve 12 Dimensional State

…in hypocritical attempt to twist themselves into moral pretzels.  Simcha Fisher observes: It’s really touching to see how so many Catholics now suddenly accept Amoris Laetitia and are eager to see that Catholics* who never attend Mass, got married in an Episcopal church, live in irregular marriages and have a checkered sexual history shouldn’t be [Read More…]

Germany Looks Forward to Finally Being Good Guys in a World War with Racist Regime

Merkel says Germany can no longer rely on Amerikkka under Donald Trump But, of course, the Alt Right Trump supporter notes that this is (((David Frum))). [Read more…]

Steven Greydanus speaks the truth

So good white Christian Greg Gianforte assaulted a reporter (a fact confirmed by dangerous Marxist network FOX)… and the Party of Brownshirt Lovers of Threats and Violence loved it, which is why Mona Charen had the unenviable task of trying to tell this party of neutronium-skulled thugs that they must stop denying, excusing and defending [Read More…]

The Immense Gamble the GOP is Taking…

…is in leaving a massively incompetent, stupid, and unstable narcissist in command of the mightiest military and national security state in the history of the world and betting that there will not be some really serious crisis not of his own making. The crises this buffoon has already visited on his party and his country [Read More…]

Not a Normal Human

After very intelligently confirming that he betrayed Israeli assets to the Russian while standing next to a mortified Netanyahu, one of the three or four smartest Presidents in the whole history of everything (according to Newt Gingrich) went to Yad Vashem and continued Operation Charm Offense or Offensive Charm or something like that. On the [Read More…]

John Oliver Brings Us Up to NSFW Speed

Of course, left unmentioned is that absurdity of Trump sucking up to the Saudis (whom he once attacked for “pushing gays off buildings“). After giving a speech designed to make his base of believers think he was talking tough about Radical Islamic terrorism (but which has failed to do the job for many of them) [Read More…]