Trump refers to the military as “my military”

A former Secretary of Defense warns of what such a sinister banana republic cult of personality view does. There are few things more profoundly rejected by the entire American constitutional order than the idea that the our troops are the personal property of the President of the United States. [Read more…]

Reader Robert Stove is in fine fettle

And sends his reworking of a classic along: TO TRUMP’S “CATHOLIC” FANBOYS (with apologies to Sir Arthur Sullivan’s Onward, Christian Soldiers) By R. J. STOVE Onward, chic apostates! Vote for endless war With The Donald’s hairpiece Marching on before, Backed by every playboy, Every Murdoch stooge! We don’t know his policies, But we know they’re [Read More…]

Fantastic News!

Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council. Alt Right Nazis in bowties are having a sad today. He is, unfortunately, still welcome to attend meetings where his crackpot “expertise” is “needed”. [Read more…]

It’s official. You’re paying for the wall, not Mexico

Trump’s whole adult life is one long trail of betrayals. This is just one more. Just like his betrayal of the poor who believed his lies and voted for him. Of course, his wives could tell you about that too. Time was when the Party of Personal Responsibility said, “Character matters” but they prostituted that [Read More…]

Puny Little Bully in Chief Goes After Teenage Girl…

for making a little website mocking him (it feature kitten punching Trump). Noting this on Facebook I received in reply the epitaph of the Christian Trumpified Right from a reader who was, I assure you, not speaking ironically: “In France, the crime of insulting the president can carry a fine of up to 45,000 euros. [Read More…]

P.J. O’Rourke has been the funniest conservative for years

And now he is the funniest conservative enemy of Trump. [Read more…]

Some good old-fashioned Irish pulling of a tyrant’s nose

…done, in the Irish fashion, right to his face: "We were the wretched refuse on the teeming shore," Irish prime minister says with Donald Trump in the room. — Barry Malone (@malonebarry) March 17, 2017 [Read more…]

Simple rule of thumb

Watch what Trump does, don’t be seduced by what he says. He is stabbing his supporters in the Rust Belt in the back. And for heaven’s sake, stop buying the “He’s acting a bit more Presidential” schtick: [Read more…]

Of Popes and Trumpists

Some reflection over at Commonweal on living in an extraordinary moment when many Catholics seriously talk as though Trump is somehow God’s Anointed and the Holy Father is some sort of enemy of the Church. The spectacle of Church Militant telling the faithful that Trump is “Constantine” and gushing on about its own anointing by [Read More…]

Steve Bannon…

Al Qaeda’s finest recruiter. [Read more…]