“To the Mom or Dad Who Told Their Child Not to Stare at Mine”

A beautiful, powerful piece by Beth Hersom. [Read more…]

Even Ted Talks Knows that Overpopulation Agitprop is Bunk

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Life is Beautiful

…and that is revealed in unexpected ways: On June 18, 2012 a baby boy named Dominic Pio was born into the world who, had he been given different parents, may never have been born at all. Mid-way through her pregnancy, Mary Gundrum would learn that her son had an encephalocele, an extremely rare birth defect [Read More…]

What a great evening!

In excess of all my hopes, God keeps dishing out the blessings.  Tonight, I had the great honor and gift of having dinner with three of my favorite people in the New Evangelization: Fr. Robert Barron, Fr. Steve Grunow, and Brandon Vogt: The restaurant’s electrical system couldn’t handle the wattage of intellect and goodness those [Read More…]


Just got an email from Brandon Vogt.  He’s at Mundelein, a stone’s throw from here, doing some talks on new media with Fr. Robert Barron.  We’re going to dinner tonight!  Fun! [Read more…]

Hey Western Washington!

Come to the soiree/fundraiser for the Susan B. Anthony List to be held at the Washington Athletic Club on August 21 as 6 PM!  SBA does serious heavy lifting in the work of getting pro-life people elected to political office.  You can help them out by going here and signing up for the soiree! The Special [Read More…]

Kudos to Arizona!

…for cutting off all funding to Murder Inc! Well done! [Read more…]

God love Gianna Jessen!

Powers and principalities get totally pwned. Sings the National Anthem to great applause at Planned Parenthood celebration, then informs the attending poobahs of the culture of death that she is an abortion survivor. I had the honor meeting Gianna a couple of years ago. Beautiful. Sweet. Intelligent. Formidable. God loves her and the devil hates [Read More…]