The Bishops vs. Some Guy with a Keyboard re: the Orans Prayer during the Our Father

Some guy with a keyboard running some site called barks this order at the faithful: The Faithful are NOT to use the Orans posture during the Our Father Mhm. Except here are the US bishops on exactly this question: Some people hold hands during the Lord’s Prayer, while others hold their hands out like [Read More…]

How I Navigate Liturgical Issues

My entire approach to liturgical questions is shockingly simple. Here it is: Just give me my lines and my blocking. After that, I will remember the wisdom of St. Spencer Tracy, who summed up the craft of acting as follows: “Remember your lines and don’t bump into the furniture.” That’s it. That’s all. This means [Read More…]

Summorum Pontificum…

…is now available in English and other language on the Vatican website. In case you are interested. [Read more…]

To My Partners in Evil, Patrick Coffin and Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Dear Patrick: What is the matter with you? Why didn’t you have your Liturgy Cop Police Scanner on this morning and catch this photo for immediate commentary and condemnation? Me and Longenecker were down at Dunkin Donuts getting breakfast and you were supposed to be monitoring the internet for all signs of liturgical abuse! Do [Read More…]

Where Fr. Z Shines

I was critical of him the other day, so it’s only fair to say that I think this is an oasis of sanity in a desert of what he calls “spittle-flecked nutties”. He has some sensible counsel for people prone to infer the Apocalypse from Francis’ actions. [Read more…]

About the Ridiculous “Novena Solene” Video

A reader writes: Unfortunately, it *is* the work of evil liturgists. The National Basilica of Aparecida, where it was recorded, is currently still the hostage of the remaining Liberation Theologists. The Redemptorist fathers, who rule the Basilica, are hardcore Liberation Theologists, and each Bishop that comes is an itty bitty less of a Communist that [Read More…]

Laudamus Te

The Magazine of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Liturgy of the Roman Rite is on the air! Do not, under any circumstances, tell anyone I told you that, since it is an established fact that I am a neo-Catholic who hates the EF. [Read more…]