How the Kingdom Comes

“Christendom has before now taken up arms in its own defense; or even in a pathetic attempt to recover the Holy Places. Christian princes, before now, have tried to spread the faith at the point of the sword, always, nearly always, with disastrous results for religion. But the substantial victories of the Church have lain, [Read More…]

Bishop Lynch Opts to Bail on the Church’s teaching

When Lefties want to bail on the Church’s teaching, they invoke “Primacy of Conscience”.  When Righties want to bail on Church teaching, they invoke “Prudential Judgment”.  And when bishops want to bail on Church teaching, they invoke the Sensus Fidelium: “On the matter of artificial contraception the responses might be characterized by the saying, ‘That [Read More…]

It often isn’t said in all the hurly burly of controversy…

but speaking from experience, my wife and I are, like these folks, actually quite happy and non crisis-filled about just living naturally and not bothering with all the fuss and bother of the whole artificial contraception regime.  We always have been.  Once you make the fundamental decision, “We will take whatever God sends us and [Read More…]