The Cuteness on her First Day of Kindergarten!

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The Mysterious Mind of My Granddaughter

“Now look here, egg. You can’t talk.” – Lucy the Cuteness, to her breakfast [Read more...]

A blessing on your head, mouseltov, mouseltov…

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The Cuteness on Halloween…

….naturally went as a fierce ballerina/fairy princess/pig enthusiast: A time of adorableness was had by all. [Read more...]

Lucy the Cuteness Continues to Bedazzle

Lucy, who just turned four on Saturday, walked up to her Daddy, looked at his shirt, and read, “W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N. Washington!” Luke and Tasha, both stunned, called me and she did it again over the phone. When they asked her what it meant, she replied, “Our land.” She’s going to be first adorable little girl on [Read More...]

Just a reminder that Lucy the Cuteness is Really Beautiful

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Lucy: Cryptic Genius

How genius? First, her mom sez of the following photo: Watching the construction next to our apartment, Lucy bursts out suddenly, “Hey, that says ‘cat’!” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is, ahem, not yet four. Then, her mom reports this conversation: Me: Hey Lucy, I have a secret. Lucy: WHAT IS IT? Me: [leaning in to whisper] I [Read More...]

As a matter of fact, yes! My three-year-old grand-daughter is a genius!

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Mischief Face!

Exxccccellent! My young apprentice! [Read more...]

Lucy the Dufflepud

The most beautiful Dufflepud in the world! [Read more...]

Aggg! This Is So Incredibly Cute! Lucy Sings!

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Lucy the Cuteness: Fashionista

She is now dressing herself. Stylin’! [Read more...]