Lucy isn’t *always* Cute

However, she makes up for it here: [Read more...]

Yes. She is The Cuteness.

Megacuteness. Why, she’s as a cute as a… bug! [Read more...]

Scientists Hope to Harness Lucy Energy to Power a Small City

This is pretty much what having a three year old is like all the time. [Read more...]

Too Many Megawatts of Adorableness!!!!

More pics of the Cuteness, just because…         God has been so good to us!  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ! (She was on her way to a Big Family Party Across the Water, hence the Hat.  Ferry boat rides are, by the way, an Intrinsic Good.  It is ontologically [Read More...]

Lucy the Cuteness Is Initiated…

Into the Ways of the Seattleite: She is already and adept at opining about film and dodging raindrops.  Soon she will be eating peanut butter and wearing shorts in 50 degree weather. [Read more...]

Lucy the Cuteness’ Publicity Stills

…from her upcoming film “Indoor Tent Party” are now online: Lucy plays a brilliant three year old scientist caught in a web of intrigue and confusion as she tries to hide from Monsters in her tent behind the couch. Co-starring Luke Shea as The Nordic Giant, a friendly galoot who protects her from harm and [Read More...]


truly is The Cuteness: [Read more...]


…thy name is Lucy. [Read more...]

On This Feast of Holy Innocents

Lucy the Cuteness wishes you a Merry Fourth Day of Christmas! She also joins with Mr. Chesterton in laughing at King Herod: [Read more...]

Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings Thou Hast Perfected Praise

“I am made of Lucy and you can’t break me.” – My Incredible Three-Year Old Grand-daughter Lucy the Cuteness. After this black 48 hours, a good portion of which I have spent crying, I’m willing to take that as a sign from the Holy Innocents that the devil remains as defeated as ever by the [Read More...]

Me and My Friend

had a fine time at Thanksgiving, what with her being a Tickle Bug and me being the Tickled: I’m richer than Croesus. [Read more...]

Lucy the Cuteness Begins to Show Signs of Artistic Genius

Here is her portrait of Daddy: An uncanny likeness.  And a bold choice of color, recalling the redness of his beard, as well as the passionate anger of a “child” unjustly sent to bed in a world of existential madness where our most fundamental realities are challenged by new paradigms of social and moral experimentation [Read More...]