Lucy the Cuteness’ Publicity Stills

…from her upcoming film “Indoor Tent Party” are now online: Lucy plays a brilliant three year old scientist caught in a web of intrigue and confusion as she tries to hide from Monsters in her tent behind the couch. Co-starring Luke Shea as The Nordic Giant, a friendly galoot who protects her from harm and [Read More…]


truly is The Cuteness: [Read more…]


…thy name is Lucy. [Read more…]

Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings Thou Hast Perfected Praise

“I am made of Lucy and you can’t break me.” – My Incredible Three-Year Old Grand-daughter Lucy the Cuteness. After this black 48 hours, a good portion of which I have spent crying, I’m willing to take that as a sign from the Holy Innocents that the devil remains as defeated as ever by the [Read More…]

Me and My Friend

had a fine time at Thanksgiving, what with her being a Tickle Bug and me being the Tickled: I’m richer than Croesus. [Read more…]

This is a test of the Shea Cuteness Preparedness System

Had there been an actual Tyrannosaur attack, the Shea Cuteness Preparedness System would have retaliated with full Cuteness megawattage, charming the Tyrannosaur into acting like a puppy in the hope of receiving Lucy’s approval. She would have bestowed it.  She’s a good girl and kind to animals. [Read more…]

The Utter Adorableness of the Cuteness

‎’Don’t eat US, bee! We’re not flowers, we’re just Lucy and Dada!’ – Lucy to a bee We are so blessed in our kidlets. [Read more…]

My grand-daughter is way smarter than your dumb kid

Not three till next month. Already reading the immortal classic “The Great Cow Race” by Jeff Smith. Also, she’s megawatts cuter even with a messy spaghetti face. [Read more…]